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Jaime Campos Pavón, academic director and founder of AMIR.

Just three months after MIR exam 2023, which will be held on January 29, nerves and doubts take over the applicants before the possible contents that will make up the exercise for doctors. Since AMIR They maintain that “what is expected” is that this is “very similar” to that of the last two calls, with specialties such as Digestive and Cardiology at the headand the possible incorporation of questions on topics that mark current health, such as monkey pox wave Euthanasia Law.

As pointed out Jaime Campos Pavonacademic director and founder of AMIR, Digestive system Y Cardiology could be the star specialties of this MIR exam, monopolizing approximately 20 questions per subjectwhich makes them the ones that students must master the most.

On the other hand, Campos stresses that Neurologywhich was the most frequently asked subject last year, it is likely that it will return to the usual path with around 15 questions. Likewise, he maintains that, in recent years, from the preparation center they have appreciated a progressive increase in questions of Miscellany and science Basicwhich includes basic topics such as Pharmacology either Geneticsbut that is incorporating newer topics on Legal Medicine (autopsies, gender violence, medical death certificate…) or Anesthesia.

“At AMIR we have reinforced these growing issues with more specific questions in drills and greater dedication in classes and manuals. The recently approved Euthanasia Law is sure to be noted in some of the exam questions”, reveals the academic director to Medical Writing.

Will monkeypox be present in MIR 2023?

Monkeypox, one of the issues that has grabbed the most headlines since the detection of the first case in Spain last May, could also be part of the questionnaire, although without significant weight. “Experience with questions about the Covid-19 indicates that, surely, there will be no more than two. It would be expected some question with image on the diagnosis or clinical characteristics of this pathology. Our students already have specific documentation on this emerging disease and their knowledge will be reinforced with questions in the drills”, says Campos.

As for the subjects on the decline, AMIR considers that Statistics Y Epidemiology will continue its downward trend, with around 8 questions. Yes ok Rheumatology was very little asked the previous year, they believe that it was an “atypical” event and that this year it will return to its usual path.

“Ultimately, we expect a good exam, which knows identify well the students who have studied and who have not it goes far beyond the usual distribution it has had in recent years”, concludes the founder of AMIR.

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