Summary of the match America vs Puebla (5-1). GOALSHalftime

America rounded off a great series of Quarterfinals, to enter the Semifinals of the 2022 Opening Tournament as the most serious candidate for the title; again thrashed Pueblathis time by 5-1for leave an aggregate of 11-2 unquestionableno matter that he played with a team full of substitutes.

The players of Ferdinand Ortiz they did what had never been done in Liguillas, because with those 11 goals set a new record for most goals scored by a club in a single seriesto the detriment of The Strip, which once again looked without heart or prideregardless of the superiority of the Americanist opponent.

Goleada between lights and fireworks

With 15 minutes on the clock, Puebla had a chance with Maximiliano Araujothe player entered the area and defined a cross, but it was not enough, his ball went off the side of Guillermo Ochoa’s left post.

After the missed opportunity Brian Rodríguez did not forgive and put the locals 1-0; and if that was not enough, it fell 2-0, thanks to Henry Martín; the striker is in a state of grace and he reaffirmed it tonight with his performance. On both occasions, the Colombian Roger Martínez was in charge of attending.

Araujo took advantage of a huge mistake by Néstor Araujo; The striker from Puebla limited himself to picking up the ball from the back of the net and taking it to the center of the field to continue the match, which he shortened to 2-1 (8-2).

Ortiz moved him, but the game did not change

Already in the second half, Ortiz launched three changes in his squad with players who, although they are bench, any team could envy them; Martínez stood out with a great goal: the player defined with his left foot for 3-1. Thus he signed to be the best of the night, after contributing in two annotations and mark your own.

Those from Coapa did not lower the decibels and the historic harvest of goals continued its course; this is how the 4-1 was drawn on the scoreboard with intervention of Álvaro Fidalgo.

In the final stretch, Jürgen Damm came on as a substitute at half time and scored what would be the eleventh goal for the Coapa team in the series, the fifth of the night, but his joy was short-lived. Damm spiked the ball into Anthony Silva’s goal and, Immediately, he ran to celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo with the classic “siuuuuu”but his action was annulled for an offside.

Now yes, the fifth fell and it was thanks to Miguel Layún by way of the penalty; the player took the ball after the foul committed by Federico Mancuello on Diego Valdésthe player was alone in the area, he cut Silva and in his attempt to define the poblano came to shoot him down.

The party at the Azteca Stadium is over, the fans hope to see their champion team on this same field within two weeks. With an 11-2 in the Quarters they hope to continue advancing and overcome the Semis to reach the Final and show that there was no rival to avoid obtaining the 14th star.

Goals of America vs. Puebla

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