Summary of the game Rayados vs Cruz Azul (3-0)

scratched became the first Semifinalist by humiliating this Saturday the Blue Cross with a 3-0 win, in a duel in which machine he wasted the options he had and the gang on the contrary, it was effective with annotations of German Berterame, Rogelio Funes Mori and Jesus Gallardo.

Monterey He was the favorite and he asserted the locality being the sub-leader of the tournament, and although at times he was thrown back, he was able to convert the options that were presented to him to eliminate the cement team.

The royals started better

Rayados started the match very well, with two arrivals that seemed sung for a goal; the first at 6′ when Rodolfo Pizarro was unable to push and at 10′ with a header from Héctor Moreno, in which Jesús Corona made a spectacular save.

Cruz Azul also had his share, because at 16′ he made Monterrey suffer with a drop from Ángel Romero, who supported himself with Rodrigo Huescas, who gave him a great low center, but wasted.

The goal fell to 20′, German Berterame with a header he put the ball to the second post and chopped, so Corona could do nothing to save; thus, the Pandilla was already up 1-0, forcing the cement workers to score two goals.

Rayados seemed to be closer to the second, because in minute 29, Pizarro had a cross shot that passed inches from the goal.

The tie almost reached 35′ and by own goal, since in a corner kick, Luis Romo combed the ball backwards and almost scored, as it hit the first post and stung very close to the goal.

Before the end of the first half, Ponchito González gave Stefan Medina a backheeled pass, but the ball went past the far post.

Cruz Azul came out with everything in the second half

La Maquina came out hungry to win, to score the two goals they needed and at 48′, Ángel Romero was close, when his shot from the edge almost ended in a goal, but Andrada saved.

Later, at 50′, Juan Escobar dared to shoot from outside the area and miraculously did not enter; while Michael Estrada at 54 ‘headed a ball that passed very close to the goal, everything was a scare for Rayados.

Cruz Azul continued to attack, but without being effective; at 71′ Uriel Antuna tried to overflow and shoot at goal, but Andrada covered the angle very well; then the next minute, Carlos Rotondi shot horribly on a dangerous arrival.

Rayados had great luck and the Machine could not believe it, because at 80′ Rotondi had everything to score and the ball went straight to the crossbar in an incredible way; the goal was denied to the people of the capital.

The worst came at 85′, with history practically written, since Rogelio Funes Mori who had come on as a substitute made it 2-0; the Twin scored in that minute, although they were slow to give it as valid, since they had canceled it for offside, but finally with the VAR was given as legitimate.

To seal it off with a flourish, it was 3-0 at 94′; Jesus Gallardo he volleyed off a cross from the left by Matías Kranevitter, so that the elimination of the Machine was a landslide.

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