Studies reveal that medical consultations for young professionals take between 13 to 16 minutes

Medscape’s Junior Physician Compensation Report 2022 finds that of those surveyed, on average, six in 10 junior physicians spend less than 16 minutes with their patients in consultation.

On average, six out of 10 young doctors spend less than 16 minutes with their patients during the medical consultation. // Photo: Shutter Stock

The queries medical are important in the process of validation and diagnosis of pathologies in patients. Recently it was released a study in which it was shown that the patient agenda for a doctor in Spain estimates a weather average consultation of ten minutes, with a total of between 25 and 30 patients per working day. However, it is not always fulfilled and attention times can be around five or six minutes occasionally. Approximately 61 percent of physicians spend between 30 and 45 hours a week in the office seeing patients. This ensures that they cannot spend more than 15 minutes with each person in their working day.

Administrative tasks

To these hours that the physicians dedicate to healthcare medicine they have to add the time they dedicate to administrative tasks, which 35 percent of those surveyed dedicate 10 or more hours per week; another 38 percent claim to spend more than 20 hours on administrative work, a figure that has been doubled since 2016 when only 18 percent declared the same total hours dedicated to bureaucratic or management tasks.

However, 29 percent estimate their consultation times between 13 to 16 minutes; and the times tend to go down for the 25 percent of those surveyed who declare that the average per patient is between 9 and 12 minutes. On the other hand, 9 percent claim to spend more than 25 minutes with each patient. This contrasts with the case of professionals with a higher age range and experience, 50 percent claim to spend more than 16 minutes with each patient.

medical care in the world

The times per consultation contrast with those handled in other countries. The medical agenda of a specialist in Sweden establishes 40 minutes per patient and one hour of rest for the professional throughout his working day. This is far removed from the situation in Spain and, according to the Medscape report, in the United States. varies, in contrast to the times of medical doctors, with an average of between 13 and 16 minutes being usual for younger doctors, who range below 40 years.

The community claims

On many occasions the queries consist of an interview with the health specialist, who only fills out a form, and does not even take the weather to do a check on the affected areas or an auscultation to determine the reasons for the discomfort and to have a better diagnosis.

There are many factors that affect the situation; political, economic, social, cultural. However, the community, both patients and doctors, complain directly about the working conditions, which allow better treatment with the patient. It is not just an economic motivation, the weather with the patient also becomes a claim for the doctors.

The group criticizes the Government’s decision to expand the places for the first year of the Medicine Degree for the next academic year, allocating an item of 50 million euros from the General State Budget, or importing non-EU doctors, instead of offering more favorable working conditions. adequate. They think that the queries with more weather guarantee better assistance and a dignified treatment to the patient.

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