Shock in India over rape of girl who was set on fire

The case of a 15-year-old girl who was raped and set on fire has caused a stir in India. The girl is torn between life and death in the hospital.

Uttar Pradesh state police last Monday arrested a 18-year-old boy and his motherWhat suspects of having poured kerosene on the girl and having set her on fire upon learning that she was pregnant, CNN reported, citing police sources.

“He is in critical condition. The doctors are trying to save her but (maybe) no hope of survivalthe girl’s mother told CNN.

The girl suffered burns to about 80% of her body, Dr. SP Singh, medical superintendent at the University of Medical Sciences, who is treating her, told the outlet.

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According to Kamlesh Kumar Dixit, a senior police official, and the girl’s mother, the rape occurred about three months ago. The rapist was the girl’s 18-year-old cousin, who became pregnant.

Raped women are married to their aggressor

The girl did not tell anything about the attack to her mother, who found out when she found out that the girl was pregnant. So he agreed to marry her to her alleged attacker.

The alleged rapist’s mother said she would pay for the girl’s abortion and marry her to her son. Marriages of raped women with their rapists are not unusual in India.

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However, when the minor went to the alleged rapist’s house to get married, he and her mother set her on fire. Now the girl’s mother wants let the boy be hanged.

The police are already investigating the matter.

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