Scandal Hans Niemann, does he use an anal device to cheat? Halftime

The scandal in the world of Chess continues after the best in the world, magnus carlsenlost two games against the grandmaster hans niemann. The seriousness of the matter reached such a degree that the Norwegian suggested that the 19-year-old could be cheating in a very peculiar way.

After an affirmation -and joke- of Redditwhich pointed out that some chess players use anal devices to cheatwent viral, Carlsen talked about it in a recent interview, which gender enormous controversy.

“Unfortunately neither I can talk about the subject in particular, but the people can draw their conclusions, and it certainly already has. I have to say that I am very impressed by Niemann’s game and I think his mentor, Maxim Dlugy, must be doing a great job”.

Of course for some this comment was taken with ironywell Dlugy is a very character controversial inside chess.

The ‘lawsuit’ between Carlsen and Neimann

The tension between Carlsen and Neimann began in Septemberwhen the young man 19 years old beat the best in the world (which registered 53 games without knowing defeat) in the Sinquefield Cup of Saint Louis, Missouri.

Losing to Neimann, with only three rounds played out of nine, the Norwegian made the decision to Leave the tournament most important of the year, which has a bag of 350 thousand dollars. After the surprising abandonment, Carlsen public in Twitter: “I withdrew from the tournament; I always liked playing at the St. Louis Chess Club, and I hope to return in the future.”

A second showdown tense between the two came in the Julius Baer Generation Cup, which had a bag of 1.6 million dollars. The game, once again, was complicated for Carlsenwho knows disconnected after being cornered.

This again fueled the possibility that him American was cheating in a peculiar way, a suspicion that has even been fueled by a famous online chess site that made a 72-page report, which states that it is very likelyand that Niemann won illegally in at least 100 gamesincluding some that he competed for prizes: “While we do not doubt that Hans is a talented player, we note that his results are statistically extraordinary.”

*With information from Jimena Rodríguez, Millennium The Hobby

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