Richarlison suffers a blow to the left soleus and alarms are set off for Brazil | World Cup Qatar 2022 | National teams

Tottenham Hotspurs under the technical direction of Antonio Conte is still sweet in the Premier League and in the Champions League as well. After joining the lead of their group in the Champions League, and subsequently beating Everton with Harry Kane and Pierre Holjberg, pressing at the top of the table, not everything is joy for the Italian strategist and his team.

With only a few days to go before the World Cup starts in Qatar, the strategists must think very carefully about how to organize their calls. Tite in Brazil had already said that no one has a guaranteed job, not even Neymar Jr, but there were players who could be called, including Tottenham Hotspurs striker Richarlison.

The striker nicknamed the ‘Cockatoo’ is one of the most important elements of Antonio Conte and Tite in the national team. In fact, in friendlies against Ghana and Tunisia, Richarlison scored three goals on the FIFA date, two against the Ghanaians, one against the Tunisians.

Richarlison is the top scorer in 2022 for the Brazil National Team with seven goals, and although no one has his place guaranteed, Tite could not not call up the top scorer. He does not depend on the former Everton, as his evolution after a blow to the left soleus will be awaited.

Everything happened in the complement in the first minutes of the second chapter against Everton. Richarlison had to leave the court and when he did, he could hardly put his foot down. He left on crutches and in tears. The case of the Brazilian is not the only one in the absence of a month for the World Cup. They are joined by those of Reece James, N’Golo Kanté and Paulo Dybala in England, France and Argentina respectively.

In a conversation with ESPN Brasil, Richarlison mentioned, “it is a bit difficult to know what will happen because it is close to a realization, of my dream (playing in the World Cup). I have already suffered an injury like this, similar, but I hope it can be cured as soon as possible. The last time I was there for about two months”, unfortunately, that time would leave him out of the World Cup.

Like Paulo Dybala with Roma, Richarlison showed great concern on his face. His red eyes from tears, some hid, others surrounded his face, and his crutches that accompanied him when he left Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. However, he does not have recovery dates, as he added, “On Monday I will have tests. It hurts to walk. We’re going to wait. I have to be all positive in my head to be able to be in Qatar, I will recover. For Tite, and for Richarlison, it would be a real shame not to have him at the World Cup.

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