Press in the Netherlands, in favor of Verstappen not helping Checo Pérez

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Once the 2022 Drivers’ Championship has been obtained, Max Verstappen set a goal of at least equaling the record for 13 wins in one seasonwhich they share Michael Schumacher (Ferrari) and Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), having reached them in 2004 and 2013, respectively.

For the above, It is not essential to promote Sergio Pérez so that Red Bull achieves the objective of making it 1-2 in a seasonsomething he has not done before, an idea that was applauded in the press in his country.

Now I’m close to 13 wins this season. So I’m still trying to match that, at least,” Verstappen said after winning the Japanese Grand Prix, without focusing on the possibility of seeing Checo behind him at the end of the season, an idea with which the columnist agrees. Terrence Riepma a

“Of course, the quest for the record for most wins in a season is more important for the Dutchman. He shows a commitment to always perform at his best, even when he says he is not in Formula 1 to set records. It remains ironic given the number of records he set in his time in the premier class of motorsport.”

He immediately pointed out thate is solely up to Checo to show that he deserves second place in the final table, not to mention that there is now no better possible partner for Max in Formula 1.

But I still don’t see why Verstappen should help Sergio Pérez to that second place. Where Perez finished second behind Suzuka, he was more than twenty seconds behind his teammate. If this happens again in the next races, it will be a difficult story to help anyway. Or Red Bull will take a risk with the strategy and do what the team did not do in Japan: make an additional pit stop.”

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