Pentagón Jr. uncovers Villain IV in Triplemanía 30

In Triplemanía 30, Pentagón suffered to remove the mask from Villano IV, the last masked man of the so-called “Pink Panthers”

pentagon jr. he was the big winner of the night in Chapter III of Triplemanía 30 by uncovering one of the legends of wrestling, Villain IVwho revealed the face of Tomás Díaz Mendoza, who has 42 years of fighting experience.

Within the framework of the 30 years of foundation of AAA, the eldest of the “Luchabrothers” suffered to win the cover of the minor of the Imperial Dynasty, the last masked man of the so-called “Pink Panthers”, who sold dearly the defeat before a of the most recognized contemporary figures of the Mexican pancracy abroad.

The member of the Imperial Dynasty -who arrived at the string wearing a special cover, which had half of Black Leopard (the first character he wore) and the rest the traditional Villain cover- began the battle by punishing his rival with force, to the point of breaking the lid and bloodiing his forehead.

Nevertheless, pentagon jr. He took advantage of his youth to endure the punishment and balance the scales, leaving the Mendoza member on equal terms, until, after several attempts, a lever to the right arm of the Villain It was key for him to remain flat on his back and the count of three decreed pentagon jr. as the grand winner of the Triplemania 30.

After the result of the battle, the “Cero Miedo” knelt on the string to recognize the trajectory of his opponent, who hugged him and recognized Penta’s triumph.

“I recognize you as a great fighter, you were better than me tonight, the end of my sports career is near and I would like to have my last fight with you. You take the most beautiful thing in my life, apart from my family, “said the former Black Jaguar.

He added: “I don’t know if I did it right or wrong, but every night I gave my life and my heart to this mask, congratulations pentagon”.

On the other hand, Phoenixthe youngest of the “Luchabrothers”, could not strip the Megachampionship AAA to the Son of the Viking in an epic battle, which began with keying and counter-keying, but little by little it picked up speed and showy sets characteristic of both esthetes, but in the end, after a screaming battle that started the shouts of “This is fighting!” On the part of the fans, the Great Horseman “brought out the caste to retain his belt against a great rival such as” El Mexa King “.

After the confrontation, Phoenix recognized the quality of his rival with a bow in the center of the hexadrilateral, to which Viking he thanked and also paid homage to his opponent; It should be noted that a sector of the ring side public rewarded the gladiators by throwing money at them, as a sign of the great demonstration they gave.

The contest of hair against hair, starring Pagan Y cybernetic It went from power to power, and proof of this is that both opponents ended up bloodied by using all kinds of artifacts to attack each other, but in the end the “Noa Noa Style” of Pagandespite the fact that Cibernético had the support of his Vipers.

When the fight was very uneven, being four against Paganshowed up Charlie Manson to attack the cyber and in the confusion, the Son of Suspenders received a flash from Paganbeing knocked out, so The Canadian Vampire appeared as referee and in the end, he counted the three slaps when “The Extreme King” put the “Main Man of wrestling” flat on his back after throwing him from the top of a ladder against a table in the presentation stage area. cybernetic He left on a stretcher, but still paid as a professional by letting his hair be cut.

A little earlier, The New Dynamite Generation (NGD) made up of Samson, Rustler Y Stranger, faced two thirds who sought to snatch the scepter from them. On the one hand, the foreign third made up of brian cage, Sam Adonis Y Johnny Gentlemanand on another front were Psycho Clown, Laredo Kid Y Bandit. It was an intense battle that in the end had those of the foreign legion as winners, however, the belts are still in possession of the Dynamites, since it was not precisely those who defeated, since Gentleman fouled Laredo Kid without being seen by the referee, who reacted and counted three when Laredo was flat on his back.

Before this, the Reina de Reinas belt was in dispute between the champion Taya and the challenger Kamillewho came to this role as a replacement for the injured Thunder Pink. “La Wera Loca” suffered and shed blood in a contest without rules, but in the end he retained his championship against a strong rival who won recognition from those attending the Mexico City Arena.

Meanwhile, The “Lee Brothers” (Dralístico and Dragon Lee), became the official challengers to the AAA couples championship, by beating the pairs formed by Arez Y Willie Mack, Myzteziz Jr.. Y CommanderY Whip Y toxin. In this way, the Lees will face FTR on a date to be confirmed (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) current monarchs of couples of the company.

On the other hand, Taurus took the Bardahl Triplemanía XXX Cup home by winning the contest in which they were microman, chessmen, Taurus, sexy-star, Burger Boy, Jack Evans, mr. iguana, Lady Shanie, Flip Gordon, Diva Wild, aerostar, Jessie Ventura, the ivy Y Wild Diva.

The evening began with the fight Marvel Editionwhere The Great Mallet, arachno, Misleading Y Lethal Sting they won the eliminatory for the title that will be disputed in December. It is worth mentioning that in this first brawl the furious he left on a stretcher.

The emotional moment of the night was the induction into the AAA Hall of Fame of the recently deceased Arturo “El Rudo” Rivera, who for many years was the company’s official narrator. Likewise, Blue Demon was inducted into the “Hall of Immortals” in the year that the “Manotas” centennial was commemorated.

It transpired that prior to the function, elements of the “Three Times Star Caravan” such as Lady Shanie, sexy-star, The Suspenders, the ivy, Psycho Clown, Pagan, Villain IV, Canadian Vampire, among others, lived with some fans who had the Meet and Greet experience; In the same way, authorities of the Mexico City Arena surprised Marisela Peña, president of Lucha Libre AAA and Dorian Roldán, general director of the company, with a plaque of recognition with which the venue thanks the nine consecutive Triplemanía events in this campus.

It should also be remembered that the Symphony Orchestra of the National Defense Secretariat had a special participation in this Thirty Anniversary performance by interpreting some of the company’s characteristic melodies and some of the company’s emblematic fighters, while on the screens of the building They projected images of the most transcendent in three decades of operations of the company founded by the late Lic. Antonio Peña.

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