New Bachelor’s degrees in Nursing at the demand of the sector

The Minister of Universities, Joan Subirats.

The request of Ministry of Universities on the increase of up to 15 percent of places in the Medical Degrees has put on the table the debate of a possible increase also for the qualification of Nursing. A scenario that, as you have learned Medical Writing through Ministry sources, it could materialize if the profession demands it. “This Ministry, together with the Ministry of Health, will study the concrete proposals that can be carried out in this regard”, assure these sources.

However, from the National Conference of Deans of Nursing (CNDE) call for caution before proposing an increase in the number of Nursing graduates at Spanish universities. Before taking this step, they advocate knowing the real needs of the market. “The first thing to consider is: What about our graduates? Where are they?”, he wonders Immaculate Garciapresident of the CNDE.

“Spanish nurses are very well trained, so they are welcomed in the rest of Europe. We can continue training students, but if they go outside the national territory we will continue to have shortage of professionals”, points out the dean, inviting this reflection and remembering that this is a free market society that is moved by supply and demand.

What type of contract is offered to nurses or what recognition do they receive, both professional and salary, is another issue that, according to García, must be addressed before undertaking an increase in places in the Degree.

Accreditation of teaching staff in Nursing

On the other hand, regarding the quality of training, the president stressed that European regulations dictate that training includes 2,300 practical hoursso spaces must be “secure” in order to meet this requirement.

In addition, the dean puts on the table the need for accreditation of nursing teachers given that another of the conditions established by the European guidelines is that the theoretical and practical contents of the Degree must be taught by nursesbut, nevertheless, the profession is in a disadvantageous situation when it comes to being accredited.

Specifically, the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (Aneca) requires some requirements for the accreditation of professors who go through obtaining the title of Doctor, in addition to the recognition of six-year terms for merit in research activity. These standards are the same as for any other Health Sciences discipline, even though thehe first promotion of nurses who was able to access doctorate studies was in 2014four years after the implementation of the Nursing Degree in Spain.

On the other side of the coin is the nursing union (Satse), which has demanded that the Ministry of Universities also undertake to assume, as it has already done with doctors, an increase of up to 15 percent in the places offered for the Nursing degreewithout the need to modify the curriculum.

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