Marimar Vega reveals the oil to rejuvenate the skin and combat aging at 40

Marimar Vega She is one of the most beautiful Mexican actresses and it is that at 39 years old she looks spectacular and with porcelain skin. Fortunately, through her social networks, the protagonist of ‘Valentina’s wedding’ revealed one of her beauty secrets to fight aging: It’s about a stem cell facial oil which is ideal for rejuvenating the skin in a short time.

The facial oils have regained great popularity among celebrities, as They are ideal for moisturizing the skin and fighting aging. thanks to the different assets that help regenerate cells. However, it is important that you consult a dermatologist before applying any product, as not all skin types are compatible with these serums.

Marimar Vega reveals the oil with stem cells to have porcelain skin at 40

Through his Instagram, Marimar Vega revealed the product she uses to have porcelain skin and free of wrinkles or expression lines. The actress took a picture of a face serum And wrote: “This little oil is my favorite in the world”. The facial oil is a formula made by a brand called Fastwho reveals that it is a serum with stem cells that helps to smooth the skin and fight aging.

marimar vega instagram
Marimar Vega reveals what she does to have porcelain skin. Photo: Instagram @marimarvega

What are stem cells used for?

The mother cells They have a great function for prevent agingsince they are in charge of maintain and repair tissuesso they help renew skin cells and give it a much younger look. These types of cells are the main cells of the entire organism, since, from the stem cells, the rest of the cells are generatedaccording to the Mayo Clinic.

mother cells
Stem cells help you fight aging. Photo: Pexels

How to obtain stem cells to prevent premature aging?

The stem cell oil used by Marimar Vega It is made of olive, as revealed by the brand’s official website. However, it is not just any olive oil, but rather a tree known as Acebuche, a wild olive tree which has multiple properties and benefits to improve the appearance of the skin, since contains vitamin A and D. This tree could be your best choice for obtain stem cells and prevent premature agingHowever, we remind you that it is best to consult a health professional.

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