La Chilindrina mocks Florinda Meza after saying that she lives in a “proletarian” neighborhood of CDMX

The neighborhood where Florinda Meza lives is far from poroletaria and that is how La Chilindrina reacted to her statements.

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in recent days Florindawidow of the great Chespirito, gave the note after assuring that, contrary to what has been said, she does not live among large millions, nor surrounded by eccentric luxuries, define as proletarian the neighborhood where you livewhich caused a shower of reactions, since the place is far from being one of the most humble in Mexico City.

“We have much less than people think, but more than I dreamed of. We knew how to live simply. I don’t live in Pedregal or Las Lomas. I have a house in the Del Valle neighborhood, a proletarian neighborhood,” declared the famous Doña Florinda.

Her comments had a reaction from María Antonieta de las Nieves and Edgar Vivar, who pointed out, with very few words, that they wish they could live with the comforts that she laments.

“We are going to live the same, right, Edgar? When we are rich, we will live the same. I can’t say anything because I don’t know where he lives. I haven’t spoken to her again, I don’t know anything. Each one her life and each one her style, ”said the famous Chilindrina after laughing out loud at Florinda Meza’s statements, while the renowned Ñoño only limited himself to making faces as a sign of disapproval.

How is the supposed proletarian neighborhood where Florinda Meza lives?

The supposed proletarian neighborhood where Florinda Meza lives is located south of Mexico City and in its beginnings it served as a playground for the Mexican aristocracy, so it is far from humble, as she wanted to imply.

In addition, in 2014 it was considered one of the neighborhoods with the highest surplus value in the Mexican capital and the second best quality of life.

Its streets and mansions are full of history, in addition to hosting a wide variety of activities for the entertainment of children and adults.

What is Florinda Meza’s house really like?

The house has an extension of 9,688 square feet and is situated on a plot of 7,535 square feet.

It has seven bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, study-library, cellar, among other rooms.

Outside there are extensive gardens with fountains, a garage for 10 vehicles, two utility rooms and a laundry room.

For several years he has tried to sell it, but its high price has caused no offer to be good enough.

The house was offered, at first completely furnished, for $1.6 million dollars, but far from increasing its value, it has only decreased and is already being offered unfurnished.

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