Karely Ruiz raises the temperature topless and leather jacket

Without a doubt, the popularity it has generated Karen Ruiz She is off limits on various platforms and social networks because her fans follow her on any website and this is how her followers have increased. Thanks to them, every time she shares a photograph she immediately accumulates thousands of likes and hundreds of likes.

This time was no exception, although it is already common for his followers to be shown with little clothing on their Instagram account. celebrate every photographthis time she decided to wear a stunning outfit that has left more than one with their mouths open because it is shown only with two garments and poses sensually.

This time he posted an image wearing only a leather jacket and a tiny bikini, but what caught the most attention was that he posed topless, but that’s not all, in a second photograph he took off his jacket, put on a top and posed from behind showing his tiny lingerie.

The publication pleased both its more than 7 million followers which quickly racked up nearly half a million likes and over 1,500 comments within a couple of hours of uploading the image.

The success that Karely has achieved in recent months has placed her as one of the favorites not only on Instagram, but also on the platform with adult content. onlyfans, since it is currently placed in the top 3 of the Mexican women with the most profits obtained on this site. Also on the list is Yaneth García and Celia Lora.

From bed, Karely Ruiz turns on TikTok in a tight pink latex bodysuit

Karely Ruiz does not stop causing a furor on social networks, mainly on TikTok, a video platform where she has millions of fans whom she captivates with her daring outfits, such as the fitted pink latex bodysuit with which she was seen from the bed, and showing off her curvaceous silhouette, so admired by her fans, who soon filled her with compliments and compliments for her new publication.

The OnlyFans model, originally from the city of Monterrey, in Nuevo León, who is about to turn 22 on October 28, has gained a lot of fame on the networks for showing her curves in the most revealing designs, as she did with the bright pink bodysuit with which she stole glances on the Chinese platform and on Instagram, where she shared images wearing the flirty outfit with which she was crowned queen of style and beauty.


Karely Ruiz is crowned queen of style in a low-cut sequined mini dress

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Karely Ruiz shows off a scary neckline with a revealing costume and fishnet stockings for Halloween

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