José Ramón Fernández explodes for America’s landslide: “It’s outrageous”

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While millions of Americanists euphorically celebrated Saturday’s thrashing of Puebla in the Round of the Quarterfinals, there was a character who took courage for the score. Is about Jose Ramon Fernandezwho again hinted that “There is a line” for America to be champion in this Opening 2022.

With a historic aggregate score of 11-2which is a record for the most goals scored by a team in a Liguilla series, the Eagles advanced to the Semifinals in a devastating way, but Joserra criticized the win and accused that it is “outrageous” those kinds of markers.

“It’s so outrageous that I can’t even write… “A very close competition”. I insist again… IT’S YOUR TURN”Fernández wrote regarding the fact that, according to his theory, there is a mandate for the America takes the title this semester.

José Ramón Fernández insinuates rigging of America

A delicate issue that has never been verified, but about which José Ramón Fernández says he is certain. The renowned sports journalist, recognized for creating the current known as anti-Americanism, insinuated that There are “fixes and fixes” in Mexican soccer so that in this Opening 2022, america be champion.

With more than 50 years in the media, Joserra stated on October 4 for the first time that “it’s America’s turn”, alluding to the fact that “there is a dictated line” for the Eagles to lift the title. Without citing any source or information, the journalist pointed out that everything would be on track for the coronation of the azulcremas, who finished as leaders with 13 wins in their last 14 games, including the two beatings against Puebla in the quarterfinals.

This position has infuriated the followers of those from Coapa, who

require you to present evidence of the alleged arrangements

managers and referees to favor them, something that the journalist has not shown so far. On the other hand, fans of other teams support him, speaking of the “inevitable conflict of interest” with Televisa.

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