“I can’t be happy with almost nothing”


Xavi Hernandez spoke at a press conference after Barcelona’s loss to Real Madrid in the Classic. The coach admits that he is worried after a black week in which they were practically eliminated from the Champions League and insists that his team must change the dynamic. In addition, it ensures all responsibility is his.

This is how the table of positions of the Spanish league 2022-23 goes

Defeat at the Bernabéu

“The feeling is that we are in a negative dynamic. That we try. We have faith, self love. We tried. Luckily, it’s only three points. It was an opportunity to follow leaders and we leave empty. We have had them, we have not taken advantage of their moments and they have defended very well. We have to change the dynamic that nothing comes out of us”.

Ansu Fati

“The feeling is very bad, I can’t be happy with almost nothing. We have had Real Madrid there, with a clear Ansu with the 2-2. We know we’re not okay.”


“We were doing very well in LaLiga. In the first change, they have caught us at 1-0. We are under construction. We have to improve a lot”.

What is the problem?  Xavi responds after losing in the Clasico against Real Madrid:

Did the Champions affect them for this match?

“I don’t think it had an influence. We have had Real Madrid in their area. We’ve had our moments, but when you forgive… He hasn’t given us. Real Madrid becomes leader. We are in a very negative dynamic that must be changed as soon as possible”.

The team

“I think we weren’t bad in the first half. We have dominated Madrid. I have a feeling we’ve had our choices. The second part they have been very good. We have lacked a lot of strength. If we want to win these types of games, we have to change our mentality. We are not in a positive dynamic. In the end we have pulled self-esteem, but it is not enough. We are in a bad dynamic.”

The impact of this loss

“Today we have talked about the first goal cannot happen. We have to miss. Madrid takes advantage of the three counterattacks it has. I am worried that we will not attack well. Let’s not take advantage of our moments. It’s not a great day. We are in a bad dynamic and we have to change it now. We have to be more mature and compete much better”.

What is the problem?  Xavi responds after losing in the Clasico against Real Madrid:

And now…

“Mature based on chestnuts. At this level everything is very even. We have to play much better”.

What is the problem?

“I don’t target the players. I am responsible. I explain to them what happens. It is my mistake. Punctual errors”.

Refresh the computer

“Yes. I think the dynamic needs to change. The season is very long.”


“Both Ferran and Ansu, Gavi and Kessié have entered well”.


“They have beaten us in maturity, in knowing how to compete.”

lack of game

“Everything worries me, especially when the result does not come. We will be self-critical from within. Things that we are not doing well and that need to be improved”.

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