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Corillo, spoke the one that was missing and did it with this bochinchero nalgú. With all this romance between cosculluela (the corduroy who greeted me with his hand in an exclusive interview yesterday at the Humacao Comandancia and who has the other media well molded) and his ex-wife Jennifer Fungenzi, only one person was missing to tell their story. This topic raises many passions, some will like this exclusive interview below, others will peel me, but I’m used to it. I love you all.

Gina Moreno break the silence. Gina is the mother of her second child, 8 years old. Yes, Gina, the same one from the revolú of the bottle in San Patricio smells like a thousand years ago, an unforgettable event in our memories.

It is clear that Gina and Coscu (José) had their differences in the past a bunch of years ago but now it is all “marmoset cake” between them. We have seen them partying a lot, kissing in a bed between luxurious sheets, going around in the makinón, he every so often travels to Miami to see her and see her son, she every so often travels to PR and stays in the humble “shack ” with 18 pools and 78,000 square feet of it. But are they really together? Did they come back? Is there a wedding?

Cosculluela and Gina Moreno

Gina answers those who call her a “marriage breaker”, she even talks about the current situation that Coscu has with Jennifer, about the custody lawsuit and even yesterday’s arrest (yes, corillo, about this too). She brings out the “munchies” and shares this column so that your corillo is up to date on this BOCHINCHETE.

Here is the exclusive interview with the hero Gina Moreno. Enjoy.

Gina, we’ve seen you sharing a lot with Cosculluela since your baby’s birthday a couple of months ago. How is your current relationship with him?

“We are together, letting things flow and enjoying the process. What will be will be. We get along super well. We have a very good relationship, we are everything, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, husband and wife. Above all with respect.”

Cosculluela and Gina Moreno

How is José with your baby? Is he a good father?

“Absolutely yes, without a doubt. He loves his children and mine, of course, he is no exception, he wants to give his best and make the most of every moment that he could not be with him.

Cosculluela, Gina Moreno and their son.

How do you compare your relationship with José that you had before, conflictive vs. the one you have now?

“We are really enjoying this new stage, where we have both matured, we know what we want and what we don’t.”

How do you compare the José of before with the one of now?

“For me, the José of now is perfect, he is protective, he is generous, he is always looking out for me, for everyone. In the end I have no complaints.”

Are you giving each other a new chance as a couple? I’ve seen a hot video of you guys kissing…

“The truth is, it is inexplicable because we are experiencing something new, with great enthusiasm and respect. We get along really well. Our relationship has always been fiery and passionate.”

I know you’ve publicly stayed out of the picture about his situation with his ex-wife Jennifer. As the mother of her second child, what have you thought of everything that has happened so far?

“Just as you say, I have stayed very far away and I have preferred that they be the ones to resolve their differences in the best way.”

What do you say to those who claim that you are a “marriage breaker”?

“Not at all, everyone knows that we both had our lives, and now it came up, without planning it. Neither was doing anything wrong. He was completely single and divorced and I was single.”

Jennifer told Burbu in an interview that she met you last Christmas and that they got along well and cordially, that everything was fine with you. How would you describe that time when you met her?

“I think the same of her, we have never had any kind of conflict, at that time my son obviously shared with her father and her. And yes, we communicated with everything that she had to do with my son.”

You were in PR at José’s house when Hurricane Fiona. Then he stayed at your house in Miami for Hurricane Ian. Tell me about both experiences.

“As everyone knows, I live in Miami and José in PR and he comes here, he stays for a while, he still works here and there, because he had to leave due to work commitments and his personal issues. Well, we try that if he can’t come, I go several days and we have our time to enjoy and give each other extra love. And really, every day together, it’s like we’re on a “honeymoon.” Remember that I have the children, they go to school here in Miami and I have my responsibility and my commitments here as well. That is why we are here and there. But we don’t go a week without seeing each other.”

Would you marry José? Have they talked about it?

“I let everything flow and whatever God wants to happen happens. Nothing forced.”

Combo, I clarify that I conducted this interview with Gina two weeks ago, but you know me, obviously I called her again and asked her about the arrest of the singer and father of her son yesterday at the Humacao Command. She replied: “I’m not going to talk about that.” Today Cosculluela is his birthday and she did not take long to publicly congratulate him and show him her support in this difficult time. “We cannot control our surroundings but we can take control over our lives and just when we are doing it, we have to live this scenario. Today I use this network to support you and ALSO CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE. Just like in previous times, WE ARE GOING TO GO FORWARD. Happy Birthday. I thank God for your existence, for being the father of my son and being my partner, “Gina wrote on her Instagram account, accompanying the post with a” Love you “,” Happy birthday “and several hearts. Long live love. Love is strange and uncontrolled, I would like to shout from the highest mountain.

Don’t forget to share the column. We’ll see each other again in two weeks. They found out #FirstWithTheButt .

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