From paradise: Maluma’s ex raises the temperature in a tight swimsuit

“Let’s go to Paradise” titled the model Natalia Barulich. Maluma’s ex thus continued with her usual Instagram programming where she dazzles with her curves wearing very tight clothes. With more than 4 million followers of hers, the model has been able to take advantage of the fame she has achieved to become a true influencer.

Natalie. Source: Instagram @natalia

She could be seen lying on the beach on a white blanket, on her back, wearing a Swimwear. The same in black, very small, showed his attributes, the result of a demanding training and diet.

The young celebrity confessed some time ago in relation to her affair with Maluma: “I was giving 1000% and I was only getting 20%, I would say some days I got more and that’s what made me stay.” She thus described the stormy two-year relationship that she had with the paisa. The truth is that her ex continues to break into the music scene with participations with different established artists.

Maluma and Adam Levine. Source: Instagram @adamlevine

On this occasion, quite atypical, the tattooed Adam Levine – which is also involved in scandals, by the way – shared the scene with the Colombian. Maluma and Adam Levine destroyed the scene with 19 seconds of their next single. For the first time we hear the second of them singing in Spanish. “I hope that when he does it to you, you think of me. I hope it is my name that you want to repeat. And I hope the same happens to me. I hope I can’t forget about you.”

This new hymn to spite will be released soon and the artists decided to preview it on social networks. Will it be dedicated to young Natalia or Levine’s wife? The truth is that this time the brunette will not star in the video, as she was able to do in the past with world-renowned artists such as Britney Spears, Calvin Harris and her ex, Maluma.

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