Draymond Green and his reaction to Jordan Poole in the last Golden State Warriors game in the 2022 NBA Preseason


Despite the fact that Stephen Curry’s team lost at home to the Denver Nuggets, all eyes were on the players who fought in training.

Jordan Poole and Draymond Green on Golden State Warriors
© Ezra Shaw/Getty ImagesJordan Poole and Draymond Green on Golden State Warriors

It was the great topic of conversation in the last days in National Basketball Association (NBA)and it is that after the fight they starred in a training of Golden State Warriorsit was necessary to see how they would behave in a party Draymond Green and Jordan Poole.

After the incident revealed 10 days ago at his facilities in San Francisco, the power forward decided to stay away from practices for a week, to which he returned last Thursday the 13th, while the franchise imposed a financial sanction on him.

With all these events, it remained to be seen how both Green and Poole were going to behave at the time of a game, and the 2022 NBA Preseason game against Denver Nuggets It was the perfect instance to see their actions.

The reunion of Green and Poole in a Warriors game

However, and far removed from any controversy, both players behaved as “professionals” during the meeting, greeting each other affectionately in the previousand supporting each other at all times, while they coincided on the court.

Beyond this fact, the Warriors ended up losing at home 112-119, with Green adding four points, two rebounds and one assist in 24 minutes of play; for his part, Poole played the same amount of time, converting three goals, two rebounds and a pass-goal.

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