Does Chiquis Rivera indirectly confirm theories about her mother?

In 2012, terrible news was announced to Mexico, as one of the largest and most influential female icons, Jenni Riverawho was known as “the diva of the band” has lost her life in a plane crash, her music was heard in every corner of the country, as her fans refused to believe this shocking event.

With the departure of the artistcaused many changes in the Rivera family, however, based on effort and with a lot of union they moved forward, currently their eldest daughter, Chiquis Rivera continued with her steps dedicating herself to the music and focusing on the regional Mexican genre, just like she did.

However, as I mentioned at the beginning, many fans refuse to believe this and have dedicated themselves to meticulously investigating many things that have emerged on the internet, from a lady who seems to be Jenni, to theories where they are affirmed, that actually still with us.

Will be? Could it be that he never really left? Well, it is believed that he is actually resting from so much work that he had throughout his life and enjoying everything that he harvested for so many years, that is why, according to him, he found “the perfect retirement.”

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But the theories stopped for a bit, until recently, on the podcast “Pinky Promise“, last Thursday, October 13, they had as special guests the singer Chiquis Rivera and the musician raymixto talk about his new theme song “55” and give the audience some background on it.

However, as the interview progressed, they touched on a little more personal issues for each one, while in the case of the interpreter of “Between kisses and drinks”, it was about her mother, also talking about her family, which detonated that the theories found on the internet are believed to be correct was when the singer said:

“With all my family (referring to the Spanish language) I speak more English, the truth is, with my brothers, with my mother too”

To later correct himself for what had just left his mouth, Chiquis Rivera I add:

“I’m hot, I don’t know if it’s the tequila”

For many netizens it was a clear example that effectively Jenni Rivera he’s still alive, his family knows where he is and they want to keep it private.

However, the fans came out to defend her, stating that it was simply a mistake that could have happened to anyone, because she was thinking that she used to do that with her mother, but that it is not about anything beyond.

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