Danna Paola breaks down in tears after confessing that she is going through an emotional collapse

The Mexican singer opened her heart to dozens of people on social networks by being honest about the sentimental collapse she is going through, Danna Paola he had to delay one of the XT4S1S tour performances and this has triggered anxiety.

The reason why Danna Paola had to cancel her concert

Danna Paola She shared several stories on Instagram in which she spoke about the causes that led her to delay one of her concerts in Veracruz. She confessed that there were certain technical issues about the show that were not ready for the desired moment.

“I was worrying a lot, for me the quality of a show is MEGA IMPORTANT, and this, in particular, is a show full of details that are taking more time than we thought,” he commented.

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Danna Paola
Danna Paola. Photo: Instagram

Danna Paola suffers emotional collapse

“Today, time is playing against us and there are little things that are not ready, and I would not like to give them a show without those details because they deserve to see the show with the same quality as everyone else. I LOVE YOU!” she inquired.

Those that caused certain insecurities and old childhood wounds to emerge within the singer, triggering an emotional collapse.

“Even so, I try to stay strong. In addition, I am discovering many emotional wounds from many years ago that I do not know why they are being unblocked right now, ”said the actress.

Danna Paola suffers emotional collapse
Danna Paola suffers emotional collapse. Photo: Instagram

The singer works on herself

Likewise, Danna Paola He said that his team is working to put on the best show possible and is also improving his self-esteem, giving himself permission to cry and be vulnerable in front of others.

“Out of the blue, hugging that girl a lot. danna that he was very afraid of ‘being’ and he got a sore throat from keeping things that hurt him for ‘not doing drama. They told me a lot ‘oh, you’re going to cry’ and f * ck, Yes, today I realize that it’s wrong. Crying is not synonymous with weakness, one has to take out what hurts because she is sick inside, and years later that wound appears that we do not treat in time, “she concluded.

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