Cristiano Ronaldo “suspends” in his second start with Manchester United and the fans are outraged

CChristiano Ronaldo did not have his best day against Newcastle. The Portuguese expected a great day at Old Trafford, since he was once again a starter in the premier league for the second time this season. In addition, Sir Alex Ferguson returned to the pitch to acknowledge the achievements of two of United’s stars, Cristiano Ronaldo for goal number 700 at club level and De Gea for his 500th game with United.

However, it was not a holiday for Cristiano Ronaldo who was changed in the 70th minute and walked away annoyed. United supporters cheered him on, but were outraged by a referee’s decision that hurt the Portuguese.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored early in the second half, but was invalidated for offside. The Portuguese thought that Newcastle had quickly executed the free kick and understood that he could take the ball from Pope, so he did and scored an empty goal. The referee did not understand this and admonished an angry Christian. United supporters backed the Portuguese and shared the view that the goal should have been conceded.

Beyond that, the Manchester media did not approve of the Portuguese’s performance. Specifically, the medium ‘Manchester Evening News’ was quite critical with the Portuguese and he suspended his performance with the note of a 4 in his assessment of the match: “He was often too advanced, possibly to make sure he wasn’t marked offside. Two goals were disallowed, one possibly doubtful. Ronaldo has been more of a hindrance than a help.”

Manchester United are missing goals and Cristiano Ronaldo is not contributing them. yeshe wears it twice this season, one in the Premier and one in the Europa League. A baggage too poor for a footballer who was used to offering other figures. At 37 years old, Cristiano is not happy with his goalscoring performance and will hope to improve it in the next games.

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