Cristiano Ronaldo, rejected by another Premier team: “We want young players”

eddie howecoach of newcastleteam that is measured against the ‘red devils’ this Sunday, considers that Cristiano Ronaldo has given a good performance at Old Trafford since coming back to Manchester United.

Despite some criticism he has received, that the team did not qualify for the Champions League last season, even starting many games this season from the bench, not everyone believes that the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo by the Man Utd It has not lived up to what was expected.

Ten Hag: “Cristiano Ronaldo’s 700 goals are impressive”

“He is an exceptional player. If you look at his scoring record last year (36 in 44 games), it was unbelievable. So, for me, the transfer has worked, it has been a success”, said the coach.

If you look at his goal record last year, it was unbelievable

eddie howe

“Last year I scored a lot of goals and some very important ones in the Champions League. The quality of the player is unquestionable. We’re going to have to be very, very good against him if he plays. We will have to inform our players about the zones from which he tries to score.”has continued.

Howe will not sign him

Despite the praise, Eddie Howe has also explained that Cristiano is not the player profile that they are looking for for Newcastle.

It may not be a transfer we necessarily want to make, but that’s not to underestimate the quality of the player.

eddie howe

“We try to grow in the long term, we have a long-term vision. At the moment, we have a fairly aging squad, so we have to invest more in young players. That’s probably an important part of our progression, we have to lower the average age. Therefore, it may not be a signing that we necessarily want to make, but that is not to underestimate the quality of the player.”

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