Cosculluela arrested after allegations of gender violence against him

The Policeman arrested this Friday the interpreter of the urban genre, cosculluelaafter complaints of acts of gender violence allegedly committed against his ex-wife.

The arrest of Jose Fernando Cosculluela Suarezname of the artist, occurred this afternoon at the Humacao Command hours after a person set fire to two vehicles in front of his ex-wife’s residence, Jennifer Fungenzi Jacques. Sources from this medium indicated that the arrest was not caused by the fire, but by complaints of domestic violence filed this morning with the authorities.

Fungenzi Jaques previously shared on her social media accounts that she had been threatened.

The informants told this medium that, after what happened at her residence in Palmas del Mar this morning, the woman went to the authorities to report the incidents that she had not reported before, but that were part of the reasons why she requested a protection order against Cosculluela.

Leaving the Humacao Comandancia, Fungenzi Jacques only said that “time will tell” after being asked if he thought that Cosculluela Suárez was involved in the intentional burning of his two vehicles.

Because they are complaints of gender violence, the Uniformed does not disclose the details. The evidence remains under the tutelage of the Public Ministry, which evaluates whether to present charges in court.

Regarding the burning of the cars, the director of the Explosives Division of the Police in Humacao, Felix Luyandorevealed to The new day that they are compiling videos that show the silhouette of a person who could be suspected of the acts that occurred in front of the property. He also said that the preliminary investigation indicates that this person used a type of accelerant to cause the fire, judging by the state in which the cars were left.

“We are in the process of obtaining subpoenas to collect footage from nearby businesses or from cameras on routes the person may have taken. Although we have not found any devices at the scene, we did collect several samples (of substances) to see if we can identify the type of accelerant that was used. Obviously, from the footage of the cameras, we can presume that it could have been gasoline because of the way the person is seen throwing a liquid on the vehicles and because of how volatile it was when it caught fire. It is very likely that gasoline was used, but we have to wait for the results of the analysis,” Luyando said.

For his part, the director of the Uniformed Explosives Office, Lieutenant Ismael Cartagena, added that they collaborate with the Police Intelligence Collection, Analysis and Dissemination Center (CRADIC) to analyze the footage taken from the security cameras. .

“They are analyzing several videos at the level of security cameras, access control, residence, and we verify nearby businesses such as gas stations, the possible route (that the person could have taken). We are still in that process of analysis and interviews. You do see a silhouette in one of the videos, but you can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman. The CRADIC technicians try to improve the quality of the recording because, due to the distance, it is difficult to distinguish the gender of the person”, the officer highlighted.

“We are interviewing security personnel. The residence is in an area under construction, where there are no other homes nearby, but we are verifying the hours before and after the incident, “added Cartagena.

Meanwhile, Yanitsia Irizarry Méndeza lawyer for Cosculluela Suárez, told Telenoticias that her client’s arrest had nothing to do with his ex-wife’s vehicles, but rather because of reports of alleged threats against Fungenzi Jacques that had occurred earlier.

“It seems to me that this case is a different chapter, a different chapter. I can not go into details because there is an investigation to be filed today, a complaint for domestic violence. I am handling a divorce and custody case, and handling a protection order case, and what happened are some new allegations,” highlighted the former mayor of Aguadilla and former secretary of the Department of the Family.

He (Cosculluela Suárez) is, right now, under investigation, he is openly cooperating with an investigation and, in due course, we will make pronouncements. The burning of the two vehicles has nothing to do with this because we presented our concern and concern very early. These are allegations of threats that we still do not know when, where, at what time, if it was a long time ago… we do not know that because, at the time, they will give us that information, “he added.

“My client is fully available to help with the process. He is worried, sad and dismayed, because his two babies are his life. He is going to submit to the process like any neighbor’s son and without any kind of privilege,” Irizarry Méndez stressed.

The investigation of this case is being carried out by the prosecutors of the Domestic Violence, Sexual Crimes and Child Abuse Unit of the Humacao Prosecutor’s Office, which supervises the Prosecutor Miguel Angel Homero Colonwho will evaluate the possible filing of charges.

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