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Cesar Delgadoalso know as Chelito Delgadocame to the defense of his friend and ex-partner Cata Dominguezafter the avalanche of criticism, jeers and whistles he has received from the Cruz Azul fans. well consider it “a lack of respect” and asked the fans to recognize that several of the players who currently make up the squad gave the team the ninth championship.

They have always fought for the shirt: Chelito

“Do not forget (fans) that these playersthe majority who are on campus They have given the team the ninth, they have given it one more star. They have always fought for this shirthave been underestimated by the press also at the time because the results were not given, but they got up and came back for revengeto compete, they fell again and got up again and all that constant fighting led them to the titleChelito declared in an interview with Record.

During the worst moment of the tournament for Blue Crossafter the humiliating and historic win against the America, Julio Cesar Dominguez ended up being one of the elements most pointed out and criticized by the fans. Receiving even threats in case of not withdrawing.

“People don’t have to forget that, we all make mistakes in football, football lives on mistakesbut we never lower our arms and never in this case talking about Cata and de Chuy always fought to put Cruz Azul at the top of the table. The fans are very demanding, but I find it disrespectful what they do with booing the players In this case, Cata, who is a friend, who I have known since he was a kid, since the beginning, so that situation with any player makes me very bad.”

Secondly, Chelito Delgado He also recognized the great friendship he maintains with Charles Rotondi, to whom he gave support when he arrived at the celestial institution. In addition to wishing that “with effort” he could become a idol of Cruz Azul.

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