America sets a record for goals in a LiguillaHalftime series

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The America walk quietly towards star 14, and in the Quarter finals of Opening 2022gave Puebla a score that will never be forgotten, a scandalous 11-2 with which the Eagles they achieved the worst win in series of league on the MX League.

The Azulcremas had no rival. They scored 6 goals in the Ida, another 5 in the Vueltato make history, since no team in Liguilla had scored 11 goals in a series; although it is the second time that La Franja has filled the basket in this way.

Before this 11-2, there was a 10-4 in favor of Santos Laguna against Morelia in the Bicentennial 2010. The purépechas in the Semifinal of said tournament tied 3-3 in the First Leg; in the Vuelta, the laguneros thrashed 7-1 to leave a very broad global.

Interestingly, in that series was present, John Paul Rodriguez as a player of Santos Lagunathis Saturday saw an 11-2 as assistant coach of Ferdinand Ortiz.

Before, there were two series where a team scored 9 goals. In the Winter 96 Quarterfinals, the Toros Neza won 9-2 against Atlante, thanks to a 4-0 in the Ida and a 5-2 in the Vuelta; in the summer of 2000, the Toluca thrashed Puebla 9-0.

In that year, the Red Devils they made it 2-0 in the first leg, and in the second leg they overwhelmed The fringe for 7-0.

In the Opening 2022the America general leader made him two goals for oblivion before the Pueblasince in the Ida they won 6-1 on the field of the Cuauhtémoc Stadium, and this Saturday in the Aztec stadium won 5-1.

For this second duel, the tano ortiz sent a starting team without some substitutes with the intention of saving them for the Semifinal of Opening 2022.


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