América, for another solid performance against Puebla and going to the SemifinalMediotiempo

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Only an unprecedented catastrophe would prevent America play the semifinalsthanks to the 6-1 advantage he achieved in the game of First Leg of the Quarterfinals on his visit to Pueblaalthough there is a commitment not to relax to reach the Semifinal as finely tuned as possible, an instance in which they will surely meet a rival with less wear and more wealth in resources than the sweet potato grower.

For a couple of weeks, the technician Ferdinand Ortiz He had mentioned that it was up to him and his coaching staff to keep his squad at their best, once they showed themselves fully, words that serve to understand how the club works and the reason for his intention to go out and show off tonight in the Aztec stadiumeven though the pass is on track.

“This is not finished, I am going to insist on something that is a reiterated phrase, but on Saturday we have another lap, we have to start the same way, the result is a consequence of the work, but we have not achieved anything and we have not yet passed semifinal”, commented the strategist as soon as the Ida finished on Wednesday.

The speech has been well assimilated by the players, since this same Friday Miguel Layun insisted on not showing off triumphalism, in statements that coincide with what was said by Henry Martín, who had also commented on the need to keep up the pace, since this time they want to arrive in better shape than in relation to what was done in the previous semester, where Pachuca he kicked them out in the Semis.

“El Tano and his coaching staff, the last thing they have allowed us is to relax or focus on the result that was obtained. The only thing that makes you think is what you can improve, you put aside the things that could relax you and you focus on what you have to do at the level we have to continue growing”, said Layún.

In Puebla the intention is to take out their pride

On the side of the sweet potato team, the task is to recover their combative essence, so they will not want to be erased again as happened in the Cuauhtemoc Stadiumsomething that made it very clear Nicholas Larcamonwho pointed out that this is the hallmark that has characterized them over the last two years.

“It is an opportunity to show lineage, to teach those things that always position us. It is a way of defending these colors, our prestige. On Saturday we have an appointment with our prestige and essence”, commented the strategist in a conference.

At what time is America vs. Puebla?

Venue: Azteca Stadium

Time: 8:06 p.m.

Transmission: Channel 5 and TUDN and minute by minute by

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