Amaia Montero, former singer of La Oreja de Van Gogh, sows concern on social networks about her appearance

Years after ending her participation in the pop music project La Oreja de Van Gogh, the Spanish singer Amaia Montero He continued with his musical career that to date is followed by thousands of people around the world.

The interpreter has tried to stay connected with her fans during these years and has achieved it through its accounts in social networks such as Instagram where he has 399 thousand followers.

Montero has been characterized by a series of songs that define him from freshness and positivity. An example of this can be seen in the presentation of his Instagram account in which she presents herself as a singer “above all FREE”.

That energy of the singer-songwriter has been evident in recent months since, also on Instagram, has let it be known that his new album will soon be released.

But the euphoria that the artist had allowed to see was seen overshadowed and interrupted after an unexpected photo uploaded on October 14 in which he is seen with a serious and bleak expression. In addition, the publication lacks a text that describes the image.

Although it is a forum that breaks with the sympathetic line of Amaia Montero, It is not known if there is any promotional idea behind it, or if it consists of a spontaneous publication that refers to his feelings.

After uploading the photograph that stands out for being black and white, in addition to showing her with bare shoulders, The singer received a warm reception from her fans.

The fact that the Spanish He uploaded the same photo twice to his Instagram, but later deleted one. The one that stayed on the platform more than 35 thousand ‘likes’.

In the post remaining texts can be read that overflow with empathy, compassion and confusion. Among them stands out one of the user @lidhia09 who wrote: “I don’t understand what is going on, she has already posted the photo 2 times, someone from her close circle should call her, I hope and wish she is well.”

One of the comments with the most reactions and responses was that of the singer Diana Navarro who wrote to Amaia: “Resilience my friend. You are the Queen of Pop don’t forget it! Let’s go!”. The comment received more than 2 thousand 500 ‘likes’.

“Life always works”, “remember that you are worth a lot and your voice inspires”, “When you are a legend you can see yourself however you want” or “Only your music matters. You have to like your appearance. The rest isn’t worth it.” Other comments received by Montero.

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