Allergist doctors highlight advances in the management of allergies in Puerto Ricans

Conditions such as atopic dermatitis, asthma and different types of allergies were the main topics addressed at the annual convention of the Association of Allergy Physicians of Puerto Rico.

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October 16, 2022 | | Reading time: 4 minutes

Dr. Anardi Agosto, pediatric allergist and president of the Association of Allergist Physicians of Puerto Rico, Dr. Wilfredo Cosme, vice president of the Association of Allergist Physicians and Dr. Verónica Díaz, allergist and immunologist. Photo: Medicine and Public Health Magazine.

During the convention medical association annual Allergists of Puerto Rico, leading specialists raised awareness about different allergic conditions that are prevalent in the Puerto Rican population, in addition to making visible the advances in treatments and novel therapies focused on the management of these conditions.

asthma treatments

One of them was Dr. Anardi Agosto, a pediatric allergist and president of the Association of Physicians Allergists of Puerto Rico, who highlighted the achievements of medicine in the treatment and control of asthma, a frequent condition in the population that can be exacerbated by environmental factors.

“There are many medications to control asthma in the long term, there is the combination of inhaled steroids, anticholinergics and we have other new medications that are biological where we can block the cells that trigger the allergy,” he explained.

Atopic dermatitis in Puerto Rico

For his part, Dr. Wilfredo Cosme, Vice President of the Association of Physicians Allergistsemphasized the care that patients with atopic dermatitis should have, a dermatological condition that is highly prevalent in Puerto Ricans.

“In patients with atopic dermatitis, things can easily enter the skin and come out, some are water or exposure to different infectious agents that cause inflammation in the skin. Atopic dermatitis is more common in children, most patients start before the age of 5 and usually have a family history of atopy”, explained Dr. Cosme.

In addition, he added that “living in Puerto Rico with atopic dermatitis is a challenge because in some patients the itching is exacerbated by heat.”

It is worth mentioning that in the convention annual, Ketsy Román, atopic dermatitis patient and founder of the group “Living with Atopic Dermatitis” indicated that she has faced multiple challenges with her disease; however, at 39 years old, she is a testimony of help and improvement for other patients, which has allowed her to face her process at the hands of important specialists.

Uncommon allergies

The Journal of Medicine and Public Health also interviewed Dr. Verónica Díaz, who addressed the main allergies rare and explained what the allergies most common in Puerto Rico.

Regarding this, he pointed out that “in Puerto Rico, the majority of patients are going to suffer from allergies nasal passages, either due to environmental causes. Although there are also some allergies rare ones that are more like hives or an allergy to certain things.”

The allergist and immunologist also mentioned some of the allergies rarest that exist, some of them are “exercise, semen, food and there is an allergy that is extremely rare, which is the cat and pig allergy, it occurs in people who are sensitized and it means that these people recognize the protein of the cat fur that closely resembles the albumin protein that is in the pig.”

Finally, the specialists highlighted the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyle habits and permanently monitoring the treatment for these conditions, in order to avoid the exacerbation of symptoms and complications associated with these allergies.

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