Alejandro Fantino underwent treatment and had an unexpected side effect: “I can’t believe it”

Alejandro Fantino shared his surprise at seeing the adverse effect of a treatment he underwent

Alejandro Fantino shared his surprise at seeing the adverse effect of a treatment he underwent – Credits: @Instagram: @fantinofantino

After a year full of ups and downs, Alexander Fantinus is preparing to live one of the happiest moments that 2022 has in store for him: his marriage to Coni Mosqueira, his girlfriend of five years and who will become his wife on November 12. With the expected date getting closer every day, the journalist must make sure that everything is perfect, including his state of health. After suffering an incident that affected his Achilles tendon, he began to undergo various treatments to improve himself completely and, one of them, had an unexpected side effect.

In mid-September, Alejandro Fantino caused concern among his more than 500,000 followers by sharing the painful moment he was going through. A sports lover, he has always looked for ways to stay active and have new ways to exercise. However, while he was playing an innocent game of tennis, He suffered a severe blow that forced him to go to a guard.

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“Look what it’s like to be grown up now, huh? I went to play a tennis tournament and it was good. I don’t know if I compromised my Achilles tendon, because the pain I feel is very itchy. So here I am with my brother who gives me the stamina. We were about to win and look where I end up”, He said in a video that he uploaded to his Instagram Stories while he waited, sitting on a stretcher, for them to attend to him.

Then, as if the talk helped him focus his mind on something other than the pain, he added: “I was going to finish the tennis tournament and we were going to eat some ravioli and I ended up on duty having myself treated to see if I didn’t hurt my Achilles tendon. How painful. It’s already making a bruise. The pain you feel is an incredible thing. I violently tore my soleus or I don’t know, it’s hellish.”

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Although for the audience the episode was forgotten, the driver of Stray animals (America) had to continue with the treatment to heal what was later confirmed to be a foot injury. Accustomed to making his fans part of his life, in the last few hours he published another series of films with an update on his recovery, but with a funnier tone.

Fantino was surprised to show how objects were stuck on his leg

Fantino was surprised to show how objects were stuck on his leg

From the comfort of his home, he said while looking at the cell phone camera: “I started doing a treatment with magnetotherapy, now I’m going to show you the device. I left the magnets on my leg for an hour working on the tear in my Achilles heel and look what happened”.

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Having said that, he focused on his leg and let us see how, leaning on the calf and defying gravity, I had a straw for mate, a magnet, and a pair of scissors. “I can’t believe it. I began to walk around the house, everywhere, calmly, and metal things started to stick to my leg”he expressed, without hiding his surprise.

“Come? A Leonidas helmet that I brought from Greece, a pair of scissors and a light bulb stuck to me. Look! I walk and they are glued, there one came out. Magnetotherapy treatment and see how it turns out, ¡I am Magnet!”, he closed, with an amused tone.

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