A humpback whale surprised some fishermen in New Jersey

A humpback whale surprised a group of fishermen

A father and his son were in their boat fishing last Wednesday off the coast of sweaternear Belmarwhen a Humpback Whale emerged from among the fish, startling them.

the middle american NBCnews reported that Zach Pillar, 23, A native of the Philadelphia area, he was the one who captured the moment on video. The water began to increase the activity of him, with dozens of small fish began to jump out of the sea and the humpback’s head abruptly emerged shaking the little Starcraft boat built by his father.

The whale’s head landed with a splash, and it soon plunged into the depths of the sea.

Piller explained that small fish are plentiful and close to shore at this time of year, attracting whales and other animals that eat them.

“This whale just went after bait fish right next to a boat,” he told the news outlet. “The feeding part is common. Being so close to the ship is not, that was surprising. He appeared where she appeared.”

The moment when the fish begin to jump out of the water.
The moment when the fish begin to jump out of the water.

When consulting the expert Eric Otjen, vice president of zoological operations at SeaWorld San Diego, he clarified that humpback whales that feed on small fish near the coast They are nothing unusual, but appearing near a boat is.

According to experts, the Jersey Shore has been unusually active when it comes to whale sightings since at least July. And, since 2011, humpbacks have stayed longer during feeding season, possibly to feast on Atlantic menhaden, a small fish they prefer, researchers say.

Although activity near the coast could be a sign that endangered species are recovering, scientists are concerned that boat traffic and fishing lines pose serious threats.

Humpback whale emerging from among the fish in the water.
Humpback whale emerging from among the fish in the water.

On September 26, the SeaWorld San Diego Rescue Team, as part of the West Coast Large Whale Entanglement Response Program, helped disentangle a 300-foot humpback whale from lines and buoys that appeared to be from the West Coast fishery. crabs, the park said in a statement.

Park rescuers, joined off the coast of Carlsbad, California by first responders from federal and local jurisdictions, were able to see the mammal depart for deeper climes.


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