Yanet García recycles Little Red Riding Hood costume, ready for Halloween

The beautiful former weather girl Yanet García is more than ready for this Halloween, as she recycles a flirty Halloween costume Little Red Riding Hood that I used last year and that without a doubt managed to capture everyone’s eyes.

The driver Monterrey She drove her millions of followers crazy by wearing this flirty “Little Red Riding Hood” costume.

Given that the Day of the Dead and Halloween season is just around the corner, several personalities from the entertainment world have taken the opportunity to show some of their most exotic and creative costumes, going from characterizations super cute, even really elaborate makeup.

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While some of the models onlyfans They have preferred to opt for the most sensual costumes, highlighting among them Yanet García, who on this occasion captivated her followers with a fiery photograph.

It was through her Instagram account that the so-called “Climate Girl” decided to raise the temperature by publishing a flirtatious photograph in which she can be seen wearing a red satin cape, which refers to the cute “Little Red Riding Hood” costume.

However, the tone of the characterization changes when we see what the rest of the costume consists of.

And it is that, despite being inspired by a character from children’s stories, the truth is that Yanet García decided to show her own version of the way in which she conceives this character, which she represents in an adult way, giving her of beauty and mischief.

Thus, wearing a delicate black bedding, Yanet García stole the glances by becoming the “Girl with the red cape”, who walks with cadence in the middle of a forest full of vegetation and mysteries to discover.


As expected, after the publication of the viral photograph, Yanet García’s fans did not hesitate to fill her with compliments, some of which were limited to sharing a couple of heart emojis and faces in love, while others dared to dedicate some compliment to the beautiful OnlyFans model.

It is important to mention that this is not the first time that Yanet García takes advantage of the time to share photos alluding to the festivities that are commemorated.

And it is that in the past national holidays he also decided to pose with outfits that referred to Mexican pride, such as a charro hat and an interesting rebozo.

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