Xavi’s message prior to the Clasico against Real Madrid, when he would leave his position at Barcelona and his talk with Laporta


Xavi Hernandez He spoke at a press conference about the Classic that will play his Barcelona before him real Madrid this Sunday at the Santiago Bernabéu. The DT expects to win and playing well. He also said that he is confident that his leadership has overcome the blow of the Champions League and despite the fact that his charge is “ungrateful” he sees himself capable of reversing the situation because he is optimistic.

This is how the table of positions of the Spanish league 2021-22 goes

The classic

“I don’t know if it makes me horny, I don’t know if it’s the word. But I like to play against Real Madrid. I am competitive. I would like to continue being a footballer to play these types of games. Like the day of Inter. It is in these matches where he excels, also as a coach. It is spectacular to play a match like this. The motivation is maximum, it is an opportunity to emerge as leaders of the competition”.

win whatever

“I don’t sign it. It is not the goal. The objective is to win by playing well: being the protagonist, aggressive in the pressure… Celta’s day is not Celta, but the first part of Celta, Inter, Bayern’s field but with effectiveness… we do not analyze from of the result. But people are result-oriented and it’s normal.”


“El Clásico is a great opportunity for us. We want to continue being leaders. It is a challenge and you have to change the chip. We have to keep working and be positive”.


“This is unpredictable. It is the party that less importance is given to the previous one. You are so aware of this one that you forget about the previous one. Last year passed. We can’t predict anything. We will try to win the three points”.


“It’s three points, but it’s the morale and the confidence to win a Clásico. It is vital for us and for Real Madrid. Let’s see who comes out on top. But the project is still under construction. The slump in the Champions League annoys us, but we are on the right track. We are in a splendid situation in LaLiga. In Europe the note is not good, but the project is under construction and cannot be destroyed now”.

Last year they thrashed Madrid (0-4)

“It can serve as a reference: be brave, play with personality, have patience… they feel comfortable in low and medium blocks. We have to be in block. We want to attack compactly. We have to be brave. Last year we didn’t arrive at a good time and this year in LaLiga, yes”.


“There is no color. It is more enjoyable as a player than as a coach. But I try to make them comfortable, to remove the pressure from the environment, which is a lot, to enjoy. Tomorrow is a game to enjoy, and the other day too. You have to enjoy and be protagonists in the game and get the best version of each player. Being a Barça coach is ungrateful, it’s better to be a player”.

Xavi's message prior to the Clasico against Real Madrid, when he would leave his position at Barcelona and his talk with Laporta

Madrid without Courtois

“We have to fight more from outside the area, but not because Courtois is not there. The other day, we already did it more. We created a lot of chances from outside. And tomorrow should be one more example that we should do it.”


“More muscle is needed, but from the brain, to attack better, be focused, know how to defend, make decisions, get to the opposite field and stop the game and not risk it…”.

Night against Inter

“I don’t think there is a mental slump. In the end, we tied the game. And we were able to win it. The team believed and has self-esteem and faith. I see the team involved, with faith, courage… but it didn’t happen. Many circumstances have come together. We have not competed well. The sensations between this year and the previous one are different. It can be seen in a positive or catastrophic way, I see it in a positive way”.


“I understand the doubts. I know where I am. I have nothing to say. We have failed a day that we did not have to fail. I have a lot of empathy. And I’m sad too. But we are not going to stop, we must continue to be positive. I came less than a year ago to reverse the situation, and I see what can be done. It is early to draw conclusions. Although in Europe we are failing, but not in LaLiga”.


“I think it’s my way of being, I’m an optimist from birth and I believe in work and evolution. The pity is the slump on the day of Inter. In LaLiga we are doing very well, we are tied and leaders in the standings. I can remain optimistic. I am very culé and stubborn. And I would like this to go well and I will not stop working and insisting on what I do. The day I don’t see it clearly, I’m going home. The day I don’t think I’m a solution, I’ll go. I won’t be a problem. But now I’m okay”.

Right back to stop Vinicius

“We will change little, we do not have Ronald, who stopped Vinicius very well last year. Whoever plays there will have to be very good and he will need coverage. I see more of a collective work. It’s not just Vinicius that worries me.”


“He gave me maximum confidence, that there is a lot of season left. He is also very optimistic. It is a phenomenon. This Champions League is being cruel to us. We’re on the right track, we’re fine.”


“We want to attack en bloc and positionally. We want to subdue them in their field. Another thing is the profile of players that we have. But we have to be mature.”

goals conceded

“It is difficult to explain the differences between LaLiga and the Champions League. They are punctual, individual errors… in LaLiga we are very good and we have to continue on this path. Tomorrow is an important test”.

Locker room

“We are disappointed. The first part was excellent and in the second it left us. But you have to go on. I am optimistic, the team is committed and involved. LaLiga is very long, there is the Cup, the Super Cup… we have to keep believing in what we do”.


“It’s important, despite the fact that the other day we didn’t have a good second half and we split up and we have to be compact. Untouchable? Everyone is ready to participate for as many minutes as possible”.


“Okay, one hundred percent. She has trained well and the sensations are good. We’ll see it tomorrow”.

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