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FIFA through its Program of Member Associationsin coordination with the National Soccer Federation of Guatemala and the Department of Arbitrationtook the course during the week: Elite Referees A.MFIFAwhere a total of 35 referees and assistant referees were part of the sessions received.

The course was under the supervision of the Panamanian John Pittiarbitration development officer of FIFA for the Hispanic area, Joseph Luis Camargoinstructor FIFA and the coordinator of Department of Arbitration Y Erick Samayoainstructor FIFA in charge of physical preparation.

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John Pitti commented on the future possibility of being able to install the use of the video arbitration (VAR) in Guatemalan soccer for the strengthening of the region.

“That is the next step that Guatemalan soccer occupies for all the achievements that have been made. We are with Mario Escobar as selected for the World Cup and he is a benchmark of Guatemalan arbitration. Guatemala has always provided excellent referees to the World Cup”, he began by saying John pitti.

He then referred to the implementation of the VAR in Guatemala said: “The next step is the incorporation of video arbitration technology into national football. That is a challenge and I am sure that we are talking about a few days for this project to take place in Guatemala”.

Several practical and theoretical sessions, video test analysis, unification of criteria, as well as being able to delve into topics such as the rules of the game, tactical fouls, offside and teamwork were held at the event.

“We want our referees to reach a very high level and preparation for the game of modern football. The essence of this is that the referee makes the correct decisions within the field of play, and if the game limit, speed or other aspects force him to use the technology, we have it. The preparation of the referees is focused on not having to use technology”, he pointed out. pitti.

In Guatemala already implemented the use of VAR by Concacaf. In February 2022, for the commitment of the 2022 Concacaf Champions League in the Doroteo Guamuch Flores Stadium Come in Guastatoya Y Lionvideo arbitration was used for the first time in the country.

While in Honduras the VAR was used in the Concacaf Champions League, in the Under-20 World Cup and in the qualifying matches heading to Qatar 2022 of the Honduran National Team.

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