they will auction the ball of the Hand of God for a tremendous millionaire

the game you played Diego Maradona against England that June 22, 1986 for the quarterfinals of the Mexico World Cup went down in history. The ‘God’s hand’ and the ‘Goal of the Century’ They left a legacy throughout the planet and that is why the Argentine star is still and will continue to be remembered. This Thursday it was known that the ball from that match will be auctioned.

ali bin nasser, the Tunisian referee of that memorable match that ended with a 2-1 victory for Argentina and passage to the semifinals, is the lucky one who has the ball in his possession today. After years of keeping it knowing what a relic it is, he decided to put it up for sale and the figures that are circulating are really surprising.

The ball of the 'Hand of God'


The ball of the ‘Hand of God’

This ball was immortalized by Maradona’s dribbles and goals against England.



The match shirt

The garment was also auctioned months ago.

Months ago the shirt with which Diego shone in front of Peter Shilton and the entire English squad at a grandiose event in London. Now, it is the turn of the ball that entered the English goal twice.

The millionaire for which the ball will be auctioned

According to reports in the last few hours, the auction will be held for a sum of around 3 million pounds (approximately $3.2 million). A huge figure and for which many wealthy fans will be willing to pay.

The ball will be auctioned on Nov. 16, four days before the start of the World Cup in Qatar. “This ball is part of football history and this is the perfect time to share it with the world,” said Bin Nasser.

Diego Maradona's Hand of God ball will be auctioned for a tremendous millionaire

The Hand of God and Maradona’s Goal of the Century | Mexico 86

It should be remembered that this match had a special flavor for the Argentine people, who had just fought in the Falklands War against England a few years ago, so this victory and in this context meant a kind of revenge. For its part, the rivalry grew even more because the English accused Maradona of having cheated for the goal with his hand.

Diego Maradona’s son detailed the cruel way in which he found out that his father had died

“It was one of the saddest things in my life, if not the saddest. It is a very sad thing. There are not many words to explain it. It was a very sad day, “he began by saying in the chat with Clarín. It should be noted that Diego was not recognized by his father for 30 years and then they established a bond.

Maradona, father and son.

Maradona, father and son.


The last conversation they had was the day after having undergone head surgery: “He was fine, he laughed, he joked with me. Jana called me, with a video call. It was little, then unfortunately I caught covid and I didn’t tell him anything, I didn’t want to worry him. He wasn’t very well anymore. And then I couldn’t speak anymore because I was in a bed, with oxygen. The day he died I was still hospitalized”.

Faced with this situation and without being able to see it, he detailed what that specific moment was like: “I saw it on television, they broke the news, and I called my wife. We started calling Argentina, but nobody answered me. Until at one point they attended to her and told her it was true. I always keep the beautiful memory, he made us laugh a lot. With us, inside the house, in privacy”.

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