“they understand the suicidal nature of this step”

Russian Security Council Deputy Secretary Alexander Venediktov said that Ukraine’s entry into NATO would lead to World War III. and stressed that the member states of the Alliance “understand the suicidal nature of this step.”

“kyiv is well aware that this step would imply moving on to World War III. Apparently, they seek to generate informational noise and draw attention to themselves,” Venediktov said in an interview with the Russian news agency. TASS.

“Since many members of the kyiv regime are out of touch with reality, I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone expected the country to be admitted to NATO”, he pointed out, before adding that Moscow “is aware” that “despite claims about its non-involvement in the events in Ukraine, the actions of the Westerners show that they are part of the conflict”.

Thus, he stressed that Ukraine’s entry into NATO “would automatically give a new nuance to the involvement of the West (in the war), given that article 5 would come into application”, referring to the clause on collective defense in the event of a military attack against one of the members of the Alliance.

Venediktov also stressed that while some European countries have supported the kyiv initiative, “the most serious powers and even Brussels have reacted to this initiative without enthusiasm. and immediately issued the standard block of arguments on non-compliance of the bloc’s standards and the existence of territorial disputes”.

In any case, Russia’s position remains unchanged. Ukraine’s accession to NATO or any other alliance formed under the auspices of the United States is unacceptable,” he said.

The UN considers the violations in Ukraine “a military strategy” and “deliberate”

Rape and sexual assaults attributed to Russian forces in Ukraine clearly constitute “a military strategy” and a “deliberate tactic to dehumanize victims”, estimated the UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Pramila Patten.

“All the signs are there,” Patten said in an interview with AFP in Paris.where he signed an agreement on Thursday with the NGO Libraries without Borders to support victims of sexual assault during conflicts.

“When women and girls are kidnapped and raped for days, when boys and men start to be raped, when we see a series of cases of mutilation of genital organs, when we hear the testimonies of women talking about Russian soldiers equipped with viagra, It is clearly a military strategy,” he explained.

“And when the victims talk about what was said during the rapes, it is clear that it is a deliberate tactic to dehumanize the victims”, adds the Mauritian lawyerwho points out that the first cases arose “three days after the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine”, on February 24.

The UN verified “more than a hundred cases” of rape and sexual assault in Ukraine, but “it is not a question of figures,” added the special representative since 2017, for whom “the cases indicated are only the tip of the iceberg.”

“It is very difficult to have reliable statistics during an active conflict and the figures will never reflect reality, since sexual violence is a silent crime, the least singled out and the least condemned”, explains Patten, who highlighted the fear of reprisals and stigmatization.

The victims are mainly women and girls, said the UN official.

A September report by an independent international commission of inquiry created at the request of the Security Council, “confirmed crimes against humanity perpetrated by Russian forces,” he recalls.

“According to the testimonies collected, the age of the victims of sexual violence ranges from 4 to 82 years. There are many cases of sexual violence against children, who are raped, tortured and kidnapped”, emphasizes Patten.

With information from Europa Press and AFP.

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