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In the last hours, some harsh criticism of the founder of Telegram against WhatsApp was known. Through a publication in his messaging service, the businessman charged against the Meta platform and criticized its security measures. According to his acid analysis, the failures of the application in this matter are not the product of an error, but of the system’s own design.

During the last years, WhatsApp achieved a huge expansion and got a growing user base. So much so that it is currently considered the leading messaging service in much of the world.

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Despite its marked presence in the sector, it logically has competitors with a great position in the market. The most famous case is that of Telegram, which although still lags behind in terms of popularity, already has a sizeable user base. In this context, the battle between the two to prevail is becoming more and more powerful and the promoter of this platform decided to bring out one of the weakest points of its rival: security.

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What the founder of Telegram said about WhatsApp

A few weeks ago, WhatsApp revealed the correction of a security flaw that could infect the mobile device through a video or a video call. To avoid this input malware to the cell phone, the recommendation was to install the latest version of the appsin which this problem is already solved.

Anyway, over the years, there have been some similar drawbacks of the application and this is what the leader of Telegram pointed out.

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Businessman Pavel Durov made a strong message against the Meta platform. In the first place, he launched that “the hackers They could have full access to the cell phone information of WhatsApp users.” Then, he remembered the aforementioned security flaw whereby only through a video file or a video call, the virus could be infiltrated.

The harsh message of the founder of Telegram against WhatsApp.



In that same line, questioned the official version that users are protected with the update of the apps. “A WhatsApp security problem exactly like this was discovered in 2018, another in 2019 and another in 2020. And yes, another one in 2017. In 2016, WhatsApp didn’t even have encryption,” sentenced a fragment of the harsh publication.

Regarding the analysis of this vulnerability, Durov questioned whether it is an eventuality. According to his description, these failures are part of the design of the system: “They are planted back doors. If a back door is discovered and needs to be removed, another is added.”

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On the other hand, he stressed that no user is exempt from security flaws, even if it is the “richest person on Earth.” And he finished: “That’s why I deleted WhatsApp from my device years ago. Having it installed creates a doorway for them to get into your phone.”

Finally, he emphasized that, by pointing out these vulnerabilities, he is not looking for publicity, since due to its popularity, the service does not need it. And he closed: “You can use any messaging application you like, but stay away from WhatsApp.”

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