the funny moment in which Shakira’s son charges his fans for taking photos with the singer

Since his controversial separation with Gerard Piqué, Shakira has remained in the spotlight and has been one of the most followed celebrities by the Spanish press.

The Colombian singer, after the controversy generated as a result of the alleged infidelity of Piqué, tries to continue with her life and spend time with his two sons Milan and Sasha.

However, one of these moments in family gave something to talk about in social networks after one of Shakira’s children made a funny comment that went viral on social networks.

Through TikTok, a video began to circulate in which Shakira is seen with her children during baseball trainingsport that both practice.

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Due to Shakira’s fame, a group of people approached her to take photos with her and spend time with the interpreter of Congratulations.

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As her followers took photos with her, Sasha, Shakira’s youngest son, surprised everyone present by making a sweet and funny comment.

“It’s 10 thousand euros to take the photo,” said Shakira’s son and provoked laughter from his followers.

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Until now, This funny moment has almost 5 million views on this social network and has caused endless comments due to the tenderness of the words of little Sasha, who knows the value that his mother has as an artist.


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