The countries that will not broadcast the Clásico Real Madrid


The Spanish league is red hot at the start of the season with Barcelona Y real Madrid leading the standings. Both teams share 22 units and this Sunday, at the Santiago Bernabéu, one of the two could consolidate the lead.

The list of players that Barcelona wants to sell in January was leaked

The team of Xavi arrives at the ‘White House’ after ruling against the Inter and be on the verge of elimination in the Champions League. The meringues, meanwhile, face the duel after qualifying for the round of 16 of the contest.

The eyes of almost everyone will be on the Clásico regardless of the time, although not all countries will have the opportunity to see the match live.

The countries that will not broadcast the Real Madrid-Barcelona Classic that will be played this Sunday at the Bernabéu

North Korea, Mongolia, malt Y Papua New Guineaare the nations that do not transmit the Real Madrid-Barcelonaso they are the only ones who will miss the most anticipated duel of the season.

It is the rivalry with the longest history in football and its importance is capable of reaching more than 100 countries. In all of Europe and America there is no problem watching the match except in some countries in Asia and Africa where transmission is not allowed. Even in Oceania they have the rights.

In the case of North Koreadue to the system of Kim Jong Un The transmission of the Classic is prohibited despite the fact that the politician himself promotes the practice of sport.

And in Honduras?

In the five-star country, the game will start at 8:15 AM and can be seen through the Sky Sports or DirecTV signal. In addition, in it will take a minute by minute to follow all the incidents of the game.

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