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Definitely, The change of Shaira Selena Peláez has been one of the most impressive of the Colombian show business. The little girl who sang ‘Cucurrucucú Paloma’ on Factor Xs and touched millions of viewers, today she is one of the most attractive young women in the artistic world.

In fact, it is not a secret that Shaira has stolen the heart of more than onebecause her fans and followers highlight her beauty and some have left her one or another proposal.

Currently, the singer shares her life and part of her artistic career on social networks. She has even made several statements about her personal life that have generated controversy. The most recent was when she said that she liked older men: “I have very strange tastes, I like them older, then suddenly they say: ‘Shaira, I could be your dad,’ then it’s better not,” she declared.

This revelation gave way for her followers to talk about her love life, as the young woman has given them the confidence to ask about various things in her life.

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‘I don’t understand why you think one is unattainable’

“How do I go out with you. I feel like you’re so unattainable.”was what an Internet user wrote to Shaira during a question and answer dynamic that the artist did on her Instagram account.

The singer replied and began by thanking her admirer for the words: “So nice, thank you. I do not understand why there are people who think that being in this show business environment and that is unattainable”.

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The problem is that you idealize us as if we were perfect.

Then, the young woman sent a message indicating that being a public figure is not perfect and much less unattainable.

“The problem is that you idealize us as if we were perfect and in reality we are not perfect, we are just like you, like a person on the street, like the person who works there… Do you understand me?”

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And he added: “We are very normal […]. I get angry sometimes in the street and people think I’m rude, but you also experience things, day to day, with stress and all that. That is the mistake of signing us, as if we were perfect and then they attack us for whatever reason”.

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