Russia’s war in Ukraine: Trump demands more diplomacy and less military action from Biden

Former US President Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, United States, September 3, 2022. REUTERS
Former US President Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, United States, September 3, 2022. REUTERS

The latest Russian missile attacks on several Ukrainian cities, including its capital Kyivhave promoted the return to the political scene of the former president donald trumpwho called on the government of Joe Biden an urgent intervention USA to open direct negotiations sponsored by Washington in order to agree on an immediate ceasefire and the total cessation of military actions between the parties.

The speech and the initiative of the former president to establish a truce confronts even some public opinions of Republican sectors that support support for Ukraine in the current war scenario and exhibits different criteria within his political space between Trump and other Republican conservatives. .

This week the former president used his Truth Social social media platform several times to show his opposition to the role that the Biden administration is playing in the armed conflict. Although he did not elaborate on how he would approach the situation and what he would do differently, Donald Trump confirmed that President Vladimir Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if he were in charge in Washington.

The former president also criticized Biden for not promoting a favorable dialogue to negotiate his exit from Ukraine with Putin and advised the warring parties to urgently negotiate a ceasefire. But the most shocking thing about his public statements has been that he offered to hold talks to stop the war by speaking personally with Presidents Putin and Zelensky.

Trump also expressed himself on his networks last Monday denouncing the death of thousands of people and the danger that many more lose their lives, for which he ratified that “firm action” is “imperative” on the part of Washington to immediately put an end to the war in Ukraine through urgent and peaceful negotiation. “Failure to do so, we will be in the presence of a Third World War which may result in there being nothing left of our world,” Trump said.

The former president also criticized the Democratic administration arguing that: they do not understand what they are dealing with nor do they know how to do it and expressed that the solution is not to provide weapons. “They have no idea what they are doing,” Trump said. At the same time, the former president recommended preserving Ukraine’s democracy and territorial integrity without humiliating Moscow and confirmed that the only way to do so is through direct negotiations with both leaders. He said that he can do it and end the war.

Trump’s remarks came just days after stating during a speech in Florida that the level of his close relationship with Putin would have prevented the Russian invasion of Ukraine and of course the ongoing war. The former president also said that the Russians would never be there if he had spoken with Putin and was very critical of Biden’s management of the crisis: “Seeing that hundreds of civilians are being killed, I have no doubt that our country managed the crisis very poorly. crisis and confirmed that Russian troops would never have entered Ukraine if he had talked to Putin. That war has to end immediately and the United States must play a proactive role in it; The task is to urgently help negotiate an agreement to stop the destruction of property and the absurd loss of life, said the former president.

Also last month, Trump had posted on his social network about the damage to the Nord Stream pipelines, which transport natural gas from Russia to Western Europe, and urged European leadership to “be strategic and smart and quickly seek a negotiated settlement.” The whole world is at stake, Trump pointed out, to add -perhaps- his most explosive statement by saying that: If requested by President Biden, I am available to help stop this nonsense; I can talk to Putin and Zelensky tomorrow to resolve things quickly and peacefully.

For many it can be easy and even politically correct to play down what Trump says. However, it is undeniable that he continues to have international leadership, although he will have to fight for a future presidential nomination within his Party, where there will surely be an internal struggle that will intensify after the half-time elections. However, his willingness to help stop the war in Ukraine could have unforeseen consequences for US politics ahead of the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

A Republican leader and strategist told Infobae that Trump’s opinions will not be an important factor in the mid-term elections, where internal affairs will dominate the campaign. But if the Republicans regain majorities in both houses of Congress, Donald Trump could put pressure on Republican congressmen to enlist them with his position and speech. However, contrary to Trump’s statements to end the war in Ukraine, John Kirby, spokesman for the National Security Council, said in relation to the former president’s statements that Putin did not show any willingness or inclination to sit down to negotiate the end of the war. Therefore, Trump’s statements are not considered relevant or adequate by the Biden administration.

Other sectors of Trump’s own party also distanced themselves from their call for dialogue to negotiate an end to the war, focusing on President Biden’s missteps, while favoring the necessary support for Ukraine: The destruction seen in kyiv is unfortunate and its allies must provide Ukraine with the anti-missile defenses and long-range weapons systems that President Zelensky has requested., Republican members of the House Armed Services Committee said in a statement Tuesday.

However, Mike Pompeo, who served as secretary of state during the Trump administration, who is also considered a potential presidential candidate in 2024, told Fox News that Biden’s focus should be on responsible diplomacy alongside public pressure on Putin. And not in sending military aid by the trickle, which only extends – meaninglessly – the military confrontation. Pompeo stated that throughout history, the United States has always pushed back its adversaries by showing strong resolve and exercising serious diplomacy, as we did in our administration under President Trump, so it must be made clear to Vladimir Putin that the cost to pay if he is inclined to use a nuclear weapon will be that the whole world will position himself against Russia and against him.

Eight months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the war has escalated dangerously in the past week despite an earlier successful Ukrainian counteroffensive that pushed Putin’s forces back. But when an explosion last weekend caused significant damage to a strategic bridge linking Russia to the Crimean Peninsula as a key supply and logistics route for the Kremlin, and in response Moscow launched missile and drone strikes at several Ukrainian cities, killing a large number of civilians. These events, for some experts in the Biden administration, constitute a brutal response from Putin that shows his lack of interest in dialogue to reach a solution that allows for pacification and the end of the war, for which they reject the negotiation plan proposed by former president Trump.

Meanwhile, President Biden declared Wednesday that Putin’s latest attacks further reinforce the American commitment to stand with the people of Ukraine for as long as it takes. The curious thing is that at the same time, the US aid that should deliver lethal weapons systems to Ukraine to make a difference and achieve the military objectives that Biden points out, as Pompeo pointed out, is kept controlled and dosed by drops.


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