Raphael, the great voice of romantic music, talks to BBC Mundo about his 60-year career: “To the romantics of today, be stoic and hold on”

  • Rafael Abuchaibe (@RafaelAbuchaibe)
  • BBC News World

Raphael, during a concert in September 2022.

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Six decades later, Raphael still performs his extensive repertoire on stage.

“Sad trumpet ballad, for a past that died…”.

Anyone who listens to the lyrics of this classic raphael songI would say that its illustrious interpreter is eternally nostalgic, in love with the past.

But the day after receiving the Billboard award for his 60-year career on stageand with the launch in Latin America of a four-part documentary about his career called “Raphaelismo”, the Spanish singer and actor told BBC Mundo that he is not one to look back.

“I never look back. There is a phrase that I always say -badly said-, which is ‘forward’, always ‘forward’“, says Raphael, who in past interviews explained that he writes his name with ph “so that it can be read in all languages”.

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