Pedro Castillo, Keiko Fujimori and other authorities who were listed as deceased due to the vulnerability of the Sinadef system

Pedro Castillo, Daniel Urresti, Keiko Fujimori and Patricia Benavides appear as "dead"according to the National Information System of Deaths (Sinadef)
Pedro Castillo, Daniel Urresti, Keiko Fujimori and Patricia Benavides appear as “dead”, according to the National Information System of Deaths (Sinadef)

It all started with Alexander Sanchezthe owner of the house in Sarratea and a friend of the Peruvian president of peter castle, who is a fugitive from justice, investigated for the crimes of collusion, influence peddling and personal concealment. On the last Tuesday, October 11, the businessman appeared as dead in the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Renieck), which manages the National Death Information System (Sinadef). This Friday, when the news of his supposed death by suicide was known, he stopped appearing as deceased in hours.

Hours later, the owner of the RenieckCarmen Milagros Velarde Koechlin, offered a press conference to explain why Alexander Sanchez appeared in that state. “They are the authorized doctors of the Ministry of Health those who declare the death of a person”, he excused himself and announced that from this Friday, October 14, death certificates will no longer be issued online, but everything will be manual.

However, the head of Biomedic SAC, a company that has been investigated for money laundering since 2020, is not the only one listed as deceased.

The Peruvian president peter castle; the National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavidez; the former candidate for mayor of Lima, Daniel Urresti; and the former presidential candidate and leader of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori they are also or were “dead”.

In the case of the head of state, it appears in the Sinadef as dead after being “decapitated”, according to the death certificate that was released by the YouTube program, the lockdown. The document informs that the first authority of the Peru “died” on September 25, 2022, at 6:35 a.m., at the Government Palace.

Carmen Milagros Velarde Koechlin offered a press conference. Video: Channel N

The micro-newscast exposed that access to the death registration system of the Peruvian computer system has been going on for more than two years when the confinement began due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In April 2020, the Ministry of Health offered training for doctors, through its YouTube account, to develop a course on how virtual death certificates are registered, especially for victims of the coronavirus. There, several unscrupulous people would have taken advantage.

The National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavidez, also appears on a death certificate, which was officially issued by Reniec. The registration of the file was carried out by Magaly Michelli Garciathe same worker who processed the “death” of Alexander Sanchez. Velarde Koechlin said that he had alerted the Public ministry and had been rectified.

“The information on the file is false. Renieck of the Nation’s prosecutor, which records the manipulated data of his “death”. From the Public ministry The illicit use of state computer systems is rejected. We will proceed with the corresponding actions”, wrote the prosecution on his Twitter account.

The former candidate for mayor of Lima and former Minister of the Interior, Daniel Urresti, was another political character who appeared as “dead”. He had to find a solution to do his respective errands because in his National Identity Document (DNI) was not enabled.

The former presidential candidate and leader of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimoridenounced that she appears as deceased in the system of the Renieck. The daughter of Alberto Fujimori sent a letter to the head of the entity, Carmen Milagros Velarde Koechlinto request “immediate rectification” of your personal data in the registry.

The policy attached the death certificate: it appears that his “death” was on February 12 in the district of Limabamba, in the province of Rodríguez de Mendoza (Amazonas region).

Keiko Fujimori asked Reniec for rectification.
Keiko Fujimori asked Reniec for rectification.

“I am pleased to address you to inform you that in the database of the Renieck My personal data has been adulterated. I enclose a copy of the death certificate issued on the date and in which it is stated that, for the system RenieckI died in the Amazon region on February 12”, reads the document he sent Keiko Fujimori to the owner of Renieck.

It is still unknown how many living people appear as dead in the National Death Information System (Sinadef), which considerably affects the authorities of the national identity registry and the Ministry of Health.


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