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The ‘mood’ of cinema, that is, the emotional load such as action, adventure, drama, fantasy, melodrama, mystery, romance, comedy, among others, has made the recipients of each film trapped by the different stories; some cause sadness, but there are others that cause laughter and entertainment. This is the case of ‘Mi Pobre Diablillo’ which was released in 1991, leaving great memories for the pranks of ‘Junior’.

‘Mi Pobre Diablillo’ tells the story of a couple who decides to adopt ‘Junior’, a seven-year-old boy who has been returned to the orphanage more than thirty times. Although the spouses see him as sweet and tender, on more than one occasion he makes them go through hardships and bad times for so many evil things that he commits to the people he gets to know.

His characters are remembered from the film as ‘Junior Healy’, the protagonist played by Michael Oliver, ‘Trixie’ (Ivyann Schwan), ‘Flo’ (Amy Yasbeck), ‘Igor Peabody’ (Gilbert Gottfried), ‘Ben’ (John Ritter), among others. All of them They have had an extraordinary change since they appeared in that comedy film.

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Junior Healy (Michael Oliver)

Michael Oliver was just nine years old when he started his acting career and played the mischievous boy ‘Junior Heal’. At the time of taking on the character, Oliver had no acting experience. However, his performance was so dazzling that he was nominated for the ‘Young Artist’ Award for ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Comedy Film’. And although he did not win, he did manage to win the affection of those who enjoyed the three films.

However, Oliver was never seen again in the world of cinema, because He decided to withdraw from that career and is currently dedicated to programming and the technology industry.

Trixie (Ivyann Schwan)

After her character as ‘Trixie’ in ‘My Little Devil’, she was chosen for the role of ‘Claudia’ in ‘Interview with the Vampire’.

Trixie appeared in the second film of ‘My Poor Little Devil’, being the best friend of ‘Junior’ and accompanying him in every prank.


Instagram: @ivyannschwan and Universal Studios

However, he had to decline the offer because his mother considered it inappropriate. Some time later, the little ‘Trixie’ transcended the musical world and released her first album ‘Daisies’. She then created the group ‘Ivyann Sugar & The Spice’.

However, she did not grow up in the industry, so she decided to withdraw from the artistic field to be fully at home as a mother and wife. Currently, Schwan is seen happily showing off her son on her social media.

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‘Ben’ (John Ritter)

He was known as the unconditional father of the bratty ‘Junior’. In addition to being in ‘My Poor Little Devil’, Ritter participated in different films such as ‘It’, ‘The Bride of Chucky’ and ‘Glow in the Night’.

Ben was a very patient father, as he endured all the pranks of his son ‘Junior’ and, despite his son’s behavior, he always gave him a lot of love.


Universal Studios and The Grosby Group

During his time in ‘Mi Pobre Diablillo’ he had a great closeness with ‘Amy Yasbeck’, who played ‘Flo’ in the same film. After the recordings, both went on romantic dates to the point of falling in love. In 1998, the actors had a daughter and were married a year later.

However, not everything was happiness for the couple, because in 2003 Ritter became seriously ill and a few hours later the news of his death was known, when he was 54 years old.

‘Flo’ (Amy Yasbeck)

She was the loving and tender mother of the restless ‘Junior’. Likewise, she acted in other productions such as ‘Pretty Woman’, ‘La Mascara’ and ‘Splash, Again’.

She was always loving with ‘Junior’ and her husband ‘Ben’. She was the one who most tried to control the actions of her son.


Universal Studios and Instagram: @yasbeckamy

After the death of her husband, John Ritter, Yasbeck decided to continue acting. The last character she brought to life was ‘Claudia’ in a 2016 episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ titled ‘Do Not Disturb’.

After saying goodbye to the cinema, he is currently dedicated to raising awareness about aortic dissection, a disease that caused the death of his partner.

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‘Mr. Peabod’ (Gilbert Gottfried)

He acted in three comedy films. In the first he was as an adoption bureaucrat, in the second he participated as the director of an elementary school and in the third he was a rude and bitter dentist.

She was one of the ‘Junior’ sabotage victims. She was always desperate for the heavy jokes that the little devil played on her.


Universal Studios and Instagram: @gilbert_gottfried

Gottfried continued down the path of acting and was in productions such as ‘Aladdin’, ‘The Aristocats’, ‘Comedy Central’ and on his podcast ‘The Amazing and Colossal Gilbert Gottfried Podcast’. He sadly passed away on April 12, 2022, at the age of 67, due to illness.

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