Maribel Guardia is presumed youthful and beautiful in new dresses

As if it were a whole girl from the social networksMaribel Guardia was showing off in a series of outfits that she is promoting for the various online stores with which she collaborates, she loves being able to work as an Influencer and take advantage of her popularity.

This time we will address a video that she shared through her official Instagram, which works like a show for those people who enjoy her work and also her beautiful screen presence, because we know that the Costa Rican artist is one of the favorites. both from viewers and now from Internet users, who do not detach themselves from their profile.

To the rhythm of a good reggaeton she was walking like a professional, without a doubt she is perfect for the job and the companies that distribute these dresses are happy to have chosen her to work together.

With different skirts, blouses, dresses, among other pieces that look perfect on her, it is very likely that she even looks much better than many people, she has one of the most beautiful figures in show business and it has cost her her job to stay So.

On many occasions we have seen her hard work in the gym, devoting time to taking care of her muscles, she has one at home and it seems that it is covered with photographs of her since she started her career, a motivation to move forward and stay as best possible.

The piece of entertainment managed to get more than 27,000 likes in a few hours, excellent results that show that users really like this type of video, since we are normally used to seeing the photos only, so vary it a little always a good result.

Maribel Guardia wants to continue working, her live performances are situations that fill her with love from her audience, with warm applause they transmit energy and the desire to continue demonstrating her talents.

She is currently participating in a play called Lagunilla mi barrio, an adaptation of a Mexican film that is now performed live by more than 30 artists, a show that you should not miss and that she recommends that we go if we have the opportunity to do it, besides that there we can meet her in person.

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I invite you to continue discovering more about this famous and many other of her companions in Show News, of course we will be informing you of her next dates of presentations, news, curiosities and of course these beautiful publications that manage to pamper her true fans.

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