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Would you like to learn English or prepare to take the citizenship test in the United States? Well, you need to know that the US government itself has a free and reliable option available to interested parties from all over the world to study or reinforce the language, which goes without saying, which opens one or another door in the labor market.

The completely free course can be found on the USA Learns website and allows any citizen of the world to enroll and take it completely online.

The course is made up of three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, which you can choose according to your knowledge of the most widely spoken language in the world. In addition, it has several schedules that will allow you to select the one that best suits your availability or preference.

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How to register?

For that you must access the following link, which will take you to a form that asks for your personal information, such as email, name and surname, in addition, a password that will help you to go to ” virtual classroom” later when you confirm the information by mail.

After these simple steps you will be able to navigate and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of learning a new language or mastering it at last! the verb to be

It is recommended to go step by step and in order, but you must bear in mind that the first level will teach you all the basics related to English. However, if you think you have mastered enough, then go straight to the second one and the course will help you reinforce your knowledge.

The final stretch, the advanced level or called Practice English and Readingdeals with deeper aspects of the language and has the added advantage of US Citizenship Course. What is this, you may be wondering? Well, it is the special section that collects all the necessary information for those who seek to obtain US citizenship.

What will you find in each level?

The first, beginner level

This includes 20 units that cover basic topics ranging from time, clothing, weather to places in the neighborhood, among others.

Each of these units is reinforced with photos, videos, sounds, graphics, and texts that will make it easier for you to learn vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and other skills that will help you understand various aspects of life in the United States. It will also allow you to practice listening comprehension, oral expression, reading and writing in English.

The second, the intermediate level

Here you will see that the material for your classes will be based on video, and you will learn and practice extensive vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar, listening and routine skills, necessary for you to become more and more familiar with the language you intend to master.

All this will be accompanied by the adventures of some characters that will show you their family, work and social environment somewhere in the US.

It also has 20 units containing five stories divided into four episodes.

The third, the advanced

Congratulations, if you manage to get this far, it is already a big step and, if you have taken advantage of and internalized what was shown in the previous levels, listening comprehension, vocabulary and reading, which are the three pillars of this level, it will be easily assimilated.

In order to help you, the course will offer you several intermediate level readings on various topics, which are taken from real news. The interesting thing about these readings is that you will be able to compare your level and your pronunciation with a native American who will read the same story.

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