How to register for the free course to learn English offered by the United States government

The United States government offers a totally free English course around the world through the USA Learns website.  (Freepik)
The United States government offers a totally free English course around the world through the USA Learns website. (Freepik)

In a globalized world like in recent years, it is no longer enough just to be an expert with computers. Now the minimum they ask for in any job in the world is that you speak two languages. For Spanish speakers, the language we have at hand is English. Even its teaching is in several school curricula, but another alternative is to learn it in a language institute or center, which means a separate budget.

However, there is a free and quite reliable option to start studying this language, or reinforce what you already know. The United States government itself offers a totally free English course around the world.

The website in question is called USALearns and is at the service of any citizen of the world who wants to learn the language online.

On this page you can find courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. In addition, there are several schedules to choose the one that best suits you according to your availability.


For that you just have to enter the link and put the information requested, you confirm everything from your email. Then you will automatically be able to navigate and learn.

If you want to go step by step and in order, know that the first course teaches you everything related to beginner level English. The second will do it if your English is a little better, that’s the intermediate.

For the third and last, called Practice English and Readingis a bit more advanced and has the advantage of having an exclusive section called US Citizenship Course. And why is it special? Well, here is all the necessary information for all those people who are seeking to obtain US citizenship.


Designed for beginners, this course includes 20 units in it they cover all the basic topics that go from the time, the clothes, the weather to the places in the neighborhood and many more.

Each of the units that this first course has offers video, photos, sound, graphics and text that facilitates the learning of the vocabulary, grammar, spelling and skills for various aspects of life in the United States. It also allows the user to practice listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in English.

For this part of the course, registered netizens They will base their classes on videos, where they will learn and practice a wide vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar, listening comprehension and routine skills.

All this, while you discover the adventures of various characters within their family, work and social environment somewhere in the United States.

In total they are 20 units containing five stories divided into four episodes.


For the last part of this free english coursethe forces are concentrated on improving listening comprehension, vocabulary and reading.

In order to help you, is that within the course you will find several intermediate level readings on a large number of topics. These topics are taken from real news. The best thing is that apart from reading them yourself, you will have the possibility to listen to a Native American read the same story. How to compare your level.


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