FOSSIL launches a new generation of wearables to help well-being. Smartwatch GEN 6 Wellness Edition

Today FOSSIL launches a new generation of wearables to help well-being. Smartwatch GEN 6 Wellness Edition goes on sale. Fossil launches its first Wear OS 3 smartwatch, one of the first that isn’t Samsung or Google.

The new generation of wearables features new health and wellness metrics, the latest version of Wear OS by Google, increased speed and performance, fast charging, and Bluetooth® 5.0 LE connectivity.

The situation in the market for Wear OS smart watches is still a bit worrying, despite the fact that it has already been a year since the announcement of Wear OS 3, the new version that is much more integrated with our Android mobile. Since then, only Samsung, Google and Montblanc have released Wear OS 3 watches. Now that the Pixel Watch and the Fossil Smartwatch GEN 6 Wellness Edition has come to the market to give new wisdom to this wearable market.

Fossil announces its latest generation of the range of wearables: the Gen 6 Wellness Edition smartwatch. The Gen 6 features best-in-class health and wellness metrics and is the first Fossil brand smartwatch to feature the latest version of Wear OS by Google (Wear OS 3). New features like increased speed and performance thanks to the Snapdragon Wear™ 4100+ platform, fast charging, Bluetooth® 5.0 LE connectivity and much more, with better wellness features and a streamlined design.

Fossil will launch the Gen 6 Wellness Edition smartwatch in in three different models Featuring 44mm black ion plating, silver-tone stainless steel and rose gold-tone stainless steel cases. The smartwatch’s durable 20mm silicone straps allow for comfortable wear during any activity (from swimming to sleeping) as well as being interchangeable, thanks to a unique assortment of new colored silicone straps.

The Gen 6 Wellness Edition smartwatch, being the first smartwatch with Wear OS 3, features a new user interface update, redesigned watch navigation, and improved performance and quality for wellness measurements. Thanks to its improved technology, the Gen 6 is the perfect bet to stay happy, healthy and always connected:

Exclusive wellness app: tracking key metrics and optimizing battery life.

SpO2 measurement: Estimated blood oxygen measurements to see how well oxygen circulates through the body.

Calculation of cardiovascular fitness: cardiorespiratory fitness data with an estimate of VO2 Max: a method of measuring the maximum amount of oxygen used by the body during exercise.

Automatic workout detection: the Gen 6 Wellness Edition detects motion and automatically starts a workout.

Check heart rate zones: Heart rate measurements to understand how hard your heart is working during exercise or at rest.

Continuous heart rate tracking: Continuous heart rate measurement during workouts, breathing exercises or at rest.

sleep information: consult the quality and history of sleep, monitor rest and set sleep goals.

The Gen 6 Wellness Edition smartwatch lets you track these and other wellness metrics from the smartwatch itself, as well as from the new Fossil Smartwatches app. Re-launched in June this year, this app has an improved interface and expanded features including at-a-glance activity stats, wellness overview, quick settings, watch faces, and much more.

The Gen 6 smartwatch also allows users to access their favorite apps including Spotify, YouTube Music, Facer, Amazon Alexa for smartwatches* and many more available on Google Play.

The Gen 6 retails for €299, along with an assortment of silicone straps by €25 each and It will be available in select stores from October 17.

*Amazon Alexa for smartwatches is available in select markets to pair with phones running the latest version of Android™.

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