First additions? The players with whom Chivas could be strengthened for Clausura 2023

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Several footballers would have the door open to join the rojiblanco team for the next tournament, although this will depend on the new Sports Director.

Puebla vs Chivas - Reclassification Opening Tournament 2022 Liga BBVA MX
© Approach Agency, Approach AgencyPuebla vs Chivas – Reclassification Opening Tournament 2022 Liga BBVA MX

Chivas is living times of change in which the owners of the team, the Vergara family, would be trying to carry out an internal restructuring that allows them to return to the prominence that the institution demands, so the players who can arrive in the fold to prop up the team will be analyzed.

The priority is that the Council determines the name of the new Sports Director so that later the names of the coaching staff are defined and with it the assembly of the team, where The ups and downs registered by Guadalajara for Clausura 2023 will be defined.

Nevertheless, there are players who could join the Flock for the next semester and that they were not contemplated for the Apertura 2022 and are players who still have a current contract and who must report to the Guadalajara institution at the end of their respective loans with other institutions. If they are not taken into account, they could be used as bargaining chips to acquire other kickers.

Who are the players who could return to the fold?

Alexis Pena

The defender who had an outstanding participation with Necaxa, being the leader of the hydro-warm team; However, he will have to return to Guadalajara because he still has six more months left on his contract. Nevertheless, Amaury Vergara assured that he is one of the players who would not wear the rojiblanca again due to the mishap with Dieter Villalpando and other footballers.


Ronaldo Cisneros

The striker who has shone with Atlanta United He will end his loan with the MLS squad at the end of this campaign, so he would have to return to Chivas in case the team led by Gonzalo Pineda does not make the purchase option valid.


Tony Rodriguez

The goalkeeper who failed to establish himself as the starting goalkeeper that the Flock needed fulfilled his loan in Querétaro and he will have to report again with the people of Guadalajara, waiting to confirm his immediate future.


Alexander Mayorga

It is probably the player most likely to remain in the Flock for the next Clausura 2023, since Cruz Azul would not make the purchase option valid for the side, who could remain in the fold after the recent departure of Miguel Ponce.


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