Federal prosecutor’s office releases images to request detention without bail of defendant for raising dogs for clandestine fights

Publisher’s note: This story contains some images that could offend readers’ sensibilities. We suggest caution.

Through a motion requesting his arrest without bail, the federal prosecutor’s office in Puerto Rico submitted for the consideration of the court images that show the cruelty against animals that, presumably, was executed by the man accused of directing for more than 30 years a scheme that consisted of raising Pitbull dogs to make them fight to the death .

The 35-page document, presented by the prosecutor Jonathan Gottfried, contains multiple captures of photos and videos to support the approaches and details a series of factors for which he asks the court to conclude that Antonio Casillas Montero, also known as Stone City Kennelcould slip away from the judicial process initiated against him by fleeing the country.

Among the evidence presented, there are captures of a video that shows the accused with a knife in his hand. According to the description made by the prosecutor, this video – which was not released – shows the man stabbing a pig and laughing “in front of a crowd” at what he did while the animal died.

In addition, another recording, in which the accused also appears, shows a dog with a chain tied to his genitals.

In a similar event, another video shows Casillas Montero manipulating an electric treadmill and a dog tied with a chain on it. According to the prosecution, communications that will be presented as evidence during the trial will show that the defendant said that, on occasion, he would let the dogs run for up to an hour at speeds he chose on the treadmill.

A treadmill similar to the one in the video was occupied during a raid, on October 6, at the defendant’s residence, in Humacao.

Other images show the precarious conditions in which dogs lived tied up in the properties of Casillas Montero, among them: dirty and rotten containers where there was hardly any sewage, plastic trash cans used as cages for dogs, rubble around where the dogs were located, and thick chains around their necks.

View of a rubble area where the defendant had a dog tied up.
View of a rubble area where the defendant had a dog tied up. (Capture)

According to the federal indictment, Casillas Montero and several accomplices (including one who has been living in Florida) bred the dogs to fight in multiple areas of the United States and in international jurisdictions..

For example, the indictment notes that Stone City Kennel participated in more than 150 dog fights in places including Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, the Dominican Republic, New Jersey and New York.

As part of the conspiracy, according to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, Casillas Montero trained dogs in Puerto Rico for fights and even injected them with steroids such as winstrol, methenolone and sustanon.

Tied to this test, the prosecutor referred to a study that concluded that 70% of people who commit violent crimes against animals also have criminal records in other circumstances.

Bruises and swellings on the face of a dog.  The animal has lacerations around its eyes and nose.
Bruises and swellings on the face of a dog. The animal has lacerations around its eyes and nose. (Capture)

“Compared to a control group of their neighbors, animal abusers were five times more likely to commit violent acts against people, four times more likely to commit property crimes, and three times more likely to have criminal records. related to drugs or disturbance of public order, ”said the prosecutor, citing the study.

“Casillas meets that pattern. Archives of the Department of Justice of Puerto Rico They indicate that Casillas was arrested (and was later found guilty) in April and June 2007 for crimes under the Arms and Drugs Law,” he stated in his argument.

Likewise, Gottfried highlighted that the defendant’s eldest son requested a protection order in 2021, alleging that he suffered numerous disagreements with his father, who allegedly used profanity at him with an aggressive attitude.

Meanwhile, according to the information that the prosecution gathered in the local government files about Casillas Montero, the man has a luxurious mansion in Humacao that he rents for $10,000 a month. The property has a large swimming pool with a waterfall, a movie theater, a billiards table, a kitchen with an extractor designed in cement, a Jacuzzi and a solar panel system.

Aerial image showing Casillas Montero's mansion in Humacao.
Aerial image showing Casillas Montero’s mansion in Humacao. (Capture)

It was also indicated that he and his wife own eight vehicles.

To insist that he has the opportunity to escape easily, the prosecutor pointed out that Casillas Montero has a wide international network that would be willing to do anything to avoid his imprisonment..

“The investigation has also revealed an international network that the defendant has used for dogfighting, which could serve as his escape from prosecution. This network is evident from Casillas’ financial transactions. He is active in Western Union, sending and / or receiving money to / from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, the Virgin Islands, Antigua and Barbuda, ”said the prosecutor.

This photo occupied by the Federal Prosecutor's Office shows the defendant with some of his followers on a trip he made to Mexico.
This photo occupied by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office shows the defendant with some of his followers on a trip he made to Mexico. (Capture)

He further argued that the defendant bragged that his dogs never lost fights and made sure his fans and customers knew it, to maintain a “high quality” image of dogs trained to fight.

In fact, he mentioned that the prosecution’s investigation managed to obtain conversations between Casillas Montero and his henchmen, as well as some of his fans. A message from a fan reads: “You are a Caribbean legend. You made us proud with your stock,” referring to what he does with dogs.

The man is exposed to five years in prison for the charge filed against him, but the prosecutor warned that they seized enough evidence to charge him with four additional charges. If found guilty on all five counts, he would spend a minimum of 25 years in prison, subject to court disposition.

The arrest hearing against Casillas Montero is scheduled for next October 20 at the federal court in Hato Rey.

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