Dua Lipa reveals what is for her one of the “most beautiful cities in the world”

Lto singer Dua Lipa published yesterday in his newsletter a note entitled “Buenos Aires, I love you”, in which he assured that the city is “one of the most beautiful cities in the world” and recommended 5 places to visit in the Argentine capital. After performing two shows in September at the Campo Argentino de Polo, as part of his “Future Nostalgia Tour”, he recently published on his social networks his favorite places in the city of Buenos Aires.

Orange tree – A cool and natural wine bar with delicious small plates that is open until late at night.

Palermo’s favorite – A place to have lunch with great food and an even more amazing atmosphere.

Atte – Possibly one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had (a big statement, I know) and excellent wine.

The Grand Splendid Athenaeum – An old theater that has been transformed into a bookstore that I simply love.

path – A street-museum in the neighborhood of La Boca with houses painted in a fun way inspired by a tango.

In love with Argentina

During her visit to the Argentine capital, Dua Lipa managed to captivate the porters at every step and in each of her outings she aroused fury among those who were lucky enough to meet her. “Good food, good wine, good memories, thank you Buenos Aires“, he wrote on his Instagram account when he left the country. In addition, he toured the historic streets of the Recoleta neighborhoodparticipated in a guided tour of the Recoleta cemetery and posed in front of the Domingo Salvarezza pantheon, in addition to visiting the tomb of Eva Perón, in the Duarte family pantheon

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